Mr. Burke Computer Foundations 1/Computer Foundations 2 Class 2017-2018

    Dear Students, Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

    Welcome to Computer Applications! Students who are entering our middle school have a variety of computer skills. Our goal for this course is to reinforce what has already been learned as well as provide some advanced computing skills. This course provides students with skills in the appropriate use of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and graphic design software.  Work will emphasize understanding of computer systems, networks, internet research strategies and safety in the world-wide-web (www) as well as proper keyboarding techniques.  This course provides a foundation of skills that are used in both personal and classroom computer-based activities. 


    You can email me at johnj.burke@husd.org  and I will return emails within 24 hours.  Students may approach me at the end of class to make an appointment for lab time, questions about work or concerns that they may have. 


    ü  All students will be required to have an email account that they can access to send/receive emails.

    ü  Flash drive-  with identification attached (Optional)



    Clorox Wipes

    Copy paper

    Expo Dry Erase Markers

    Hand Sanitizer

    Old Non-Working Computers

    If you, or anyone else that you know, happen to have any old, non-working computers that you would like to donate to the Computer Applications class it would be greatly appreciated. These computers will be taken apart and put back together by the students during our computer hardware unit.  The students really like this activity and enjoy learning about all of the hardware components inside the computer. 


    In our computer class we will have daily assignments/projects.  If students use their time wisely they will complete their work in class, if students get behind it will be difficult to catch-up because we will move quickly in order to cover all the important information in one semester.   It is important to stay on task and follow directions. Below you will see a tentative schedule of what we will be going over each week during this course. The information on the schedule below is subject to change.  Changes to the schedule will be communicated on my teacher page.


    There will be sufficient time in class for students to work on all assignment’s and projects.  Whatever is not completed during class time will need to be completed at home, or in the lab before school.  If a student misses class it is their responsibility to get notes from a peer and check my website for what they missed during their absence.


    Grades will be calculated based on the 80%-20 % ratio that the school uses.  80% of a student’s grade will be from assessments, which include; quizzes, tests, and projects. The remaining 20% will be from assignments, their notebook, and MicroType. Students will be required to take notes during classroom discussions to help prepare for quizzes and tests.  MicroType is a software program that students will use to practice proper keyboarding techniques.  Students should check their grades in StudentVue.


    If you need extra computer lab time you must make an appointment with Mr. Burke to visit the lab.  I am available:

    Mornings: Monday through Friday, 8:00am- 8:35.

    These lab times will be by appointment only- please email JohnJ.Burke@husd.org  or speak to Mr. Burke about reserving your spot.

    RE-DO’s and RE-TAKES’s

    Students may re-do assignments within 2 weeks of due date to receive full credit. 

    Students may re-take assessments by the end of the quarter/unit. 

    Students may not re-take assessments if they have missing assignments. 

    A re-do/re-take form, signed by the parent, must be completed prior to re-do.


    After school detention may be assigned due to missing materials, assignments and tardies as determined by the teacher.  Written notification will be sent home with students to be signed by the parent and returned the following day.  If the form is not returned, discipline action by Administration may occur.  

    To be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to me not later than Friday, July 29th, 2016

    Classroom Behavior

    • Students are expected to work quietly during project time. Talking and group work will be permitted at certain times as long as it is not distracting to others.

    • No Gum, food, or drinks.

    • No electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, Nintendo DS, etc…

    • Disrespect/ misbehaving when a substitute teacher is present will warrant a consequence.

    • Students must be THROUGH THE DOOR when the bell stops ringing.  NO SKATE BOARDS OR SCOOTERS ARE PERMITTED IN CLASSROOM.

    • Classroom discipline will follow the rules as explained in the student/parent handbook (daily planner)

    • Raise your hand to talk

    • No talking while the teacher or others are talking

    • Have fun

    • Students are expected to treat everyone in the classroom, as well as classroom materials, with respect. This is a NO BULLY ZONE.

    Computer Misuse

    See the student handbook excerpt listed below. Failure to follow this rule will result in loss of computer privileges, etc. "Access to the Internet will be for specific educational purposes only, such as researching a specific topic for a classroom project. While on the Internet, students should stay focused on the topic they are researching. Students are expressly prohibited from using the Internet and computer resources to:

    • Access, upload, download, or distribute any material that violates violence/harassment or respectful behavior policies, or is for personal use

    • Internet plagiarism

    • Transmit obscene, abusive or sexually explicit language

    • Violate any local, state, or federal statute

    • Vandalize, damage or disable the property of another person or organization

    • Access another person’s materials, information or files without the implied or direct permission of that person

    • Violate copyright laws, or otherwise use another’s intellectual property without their prior approval or proper citation, including the downloading or exchanging of private software or copying software to or from any school computer; or

    • Use for unauthorized commercial purposes and/or financial gain of the user. "

    Consequences include/but not limited to:

    • Individual warning,

    • Loss of Internet and/or computer privileges

    • Loss of credit involving internet/computer activities

    • Referral to administration for additional discipline

    ****NOTE: Videos rated PG or lower will be shown at various times during class. Whether

    from Youtube.com, or DVD format. If there is a problem with this talk to Mr. Burke asap.

    I, ____________________, have read and understand the information and accept the above conditions. 

    Signature: ____________________________________________                        Date:_____________________________

    Tentative Schedule



    Week 1

    ·         Introductions

    ·         Syllabus

    ·         Ice Breaker Activity

    ·         Rules with the Computers

    ·         Microtype

    Week 2

    ·         Pretest

    ·         Edmodo

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Computer Basics

    Week 3

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Computer Basics Quiz

    ·         Computer Dissection

    Week 4

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Computer Basics Part 2

    ·         Article Response

    Week 5

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Intro to Microsoft Office

    ·         Microsoft Word Notes

    ·         Me Flyer

    Week 6

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Microsoft Word Project

    ·         Microsoft Word Quiz

    Week 7

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Intro to Prezi Video

    ·         Prezi Notes

    ·         Present Prezis

    Week 8

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Microsoft PowerPoint Notes

    ·         Microsoft PowerPoint Project

    Week 9

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Present PowerPoint Projects

    ·         Microsoft PowerPoint Quiz

    ·         Compare and Contrast PowerPoint and Prezi


    Week 10

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Intro To Microsoft Excel

    ·         Microsoft Excel Notes

    ·         Microsoft Excel Porject

    Week 11

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Microsoft Excel Project

    ·         Microsoft Excel Quiz

    Week 12

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Intro to Microsoft Access

    ·         Microsoft Access Project

    ·         Microsoft Access Quiz

    Week 13

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Intro to Scratch Coding

    ·         Scratch Coding Notes

    ·         Code.Org

    Week 14

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Scratch Coding

    ·         Scratch Coding Quiz

    Week 15

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Intro to HTML Coding

    ·         HTML Coding Notes

    ·         Sample Webpage

    Week 16

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Sample Webpage

    ·         HTML Coding Quiz

    ·         Personal Webpage

    Week 17

    ·         Microtype

    ·         Personal Webpage

    ·         Introduce Final Project

    Week 18

    ·         Review for Final

    Take Final