• Welcome to Intermediate & Advanced Ceramics

    Hello and welcome to Higley High Ceramics. Higley High School is one of the few High Schools in the area with a Ceramics Program and we are proud to have a long-running Ceramics program. Students at Higley High can take Ceramics all four years of High School starting with Beginning Ceramics and then Intermediate and onto Advanced Ceramics. Senior year, students have the option of taking either AP Art (3-D) or repeating Advanced Ceramics for elective credit.

    My classroom is set up for the student. It’s their space to learn, explore, create and maintain. The creative process teaches us about ourselves, other cultures, and our abilities through our individual experiences. In Ceramics, each student is held responsible for planning, executing and cleaning up after themselves along with working together to keep work spaces safe and clean.


    Course Fee:

    A course fee for the entire year is $50, or $25 per semester. Please pay this fee in the bookstore as soon as possible.  This money is used to purchase Ceramic supplies and tools for the class. Without your fees being paid, we will not be able to purchase supplies for this course.

    Course Materials:

    All students are required to provide the following for the course:

    • Spiral Bound Sketchbook or Notebook (No sketch pads!! (they fall apart))
    • Project Tracker (this will be given out in class)
    • Eraser, Pen, Regular Pencil (used for writing and using with clay)
    • Plastic Grocery Bags
    • Combination lock
    • Colored Pencils (12-24 pack)

    Other optional items:

    • Apron/Old T-shirt
    • Small, Old hand Towel
    • Hand Lotion

    Donations: If you would like to make a donation to the Ceramics Program through Tax Credit, click here for the link. Please remember to write in that you would like your tax credit money to go toward the HHS Ceramics program. This money can be used to help purchase supplies, equipment and other materials to use in the Ceramics classroom. For any other donations, feel free to contact Mrs. McClellan. Thank you for your support of the Arts.