• Building a fantastic theatre program takes time and volunteers and it also takes money to support rights and royalties to perform an author's play, to build sets, and to provide costumes. If you should feel compelled to contribute to the Higley High theatre program, there are a couple of ways to help us out!
    HELPFUL WAY #1 (HHS THESPIANS STUDENT CLUB): Please fill out a tax donation form and be sure to designate the funds towards THEATRE/DRAMA at HHS. Please be specific. 
    Singles can donate up to $200 per calendar year and married couples can donate up to $400 per calendar year.
    Here is the link for tax credit donations: 
    HELPFUL WAY #2 (U-KNIGHTED KINGDOM DRAMA BOOSTERS): We have an all-parent volunteer group of incredible parents and we are always gladly accepting more amazing parents. If you would like to be on this great committee, please email the boosters at hhsknightsdrama@gmail.com. You can also make a tax credit donation to the boosters this way by using the following paperwork: CLICK HERE
    Please feel free to contact me at april.french@husd.org should you have any questions. 
    Thank you so much! We will see you at the show! :)