• Theatre Education: My Personal Philosophy
    Teaching theatre is about more than being dramatic and acting "out there". (Although, this certainly can be fun!):
    • Theatre has the ability to change lives, mold character, and challenge everyone. Students learn to make choices; not just on stage, but also in their everyday lives.


    • Theatre helps students to problem-solve through a variety of different venues: i.e. monologues, directorial choices, concepts, designs, imaginations, group work, etc.


    • Theatre allows students to build self-confidence. It engages them in public speaking and can teach them to draw positive attention.


    • Through theatre, students can learn dedication, commitment, and perseverance.


    • Theatre helps to build relationships. It helps to strengthen concentration and cooperation, allowing students to work together as a cohesive ensemble. 


    • Theatre teaches respect and creates bonds between people.


    • Theatre is a universal language and anyone can participate.


    • Theatre is a performing art and is a vital and essential choice that all students should have the ability and opportunity to choose.