• The students are obligated to perform 10 hours of Observation / Assistance during the entire year while a student in Sports Medicine.

    There are 3 seasons:

            *Girls Volleyball
            *Cross Country 
            *Boys Soccer
            *Girls Soccer 
            *Boys Basketball
            *Girls Basketball
             *Track & Field
             *Boys Volleyball
             *Boys Tennis
             *Girls Tennis
    The students are required to do the following:
       1) Check with the Athletic Trainer (ATC) 1-2 days prior to event for time clarification & to notify ATC they will be assisting & to find out specific duties for the athletic event.
       2) Wear SPORTS MEDICINE shirt to the event (that is your uniform, take care of it & have pride).
       3)  Remember you are a representation of WFHS & Our Sports Medicine program...act responsibly!