PE 1-2  Higley HS 2017-2018

    Instructors:                   Email:       

    Mr. Baker                                      Junius.Baker@husd.org          480.279.7300        Office Hours: 7:15am 2:30pm


    Location: Gym & Outdoor Facilities                        



    1. Dress out daily - Students are required to change into athletic wear for class. Students may purchase the Higley PE uniform (Higley PE T-shirt is white shorts are navy). Your uniform may be purchased during back to school days or from the bookstore also known as the Armory. If your uniform is on back order students may wear a plain white t-shirt and plain navy or black shorts only. Students are only allowed to wear sweat pants in winter months during outside activity. Tied, secured athletic shoes that are designed for physical activity will be required at all times. No dress shoes, sandals, or any non-athletic shoe allowed. 


    1. Total participation and appropriate behavior is required in all activities. All students are required bring a single subject college ruled spiral notebook to class.


    1. Dressing out and Participation  80% overall grade


    1. Cumulative written/physical final exams  20% overall grade




    1. Dressing out and Participation will combine to make up 80% of your final grade.

     Every student begins the semester with an “A”.  Students will lose points for the following reasons...

     Excused and Unexcused ABSENCES (unless a make-up assignment has been completed) = -4

    Not dressing out for class will also be a non-participation which = -4

    Dressing out and not participating in class activities = -2

    Lack of effort or poor sportsmanship = -1 or -2


    The following chart shows the grading scale for the semester…                       

     A: 0 -15                                                                                                                       

     B: -16 - -23                                                                                                                     

     C: -24 - -31                                                                                                                      

     D: -32 - -39                                                                                                                        

     F: -40 or more


    1. Make-up opportunities for absences will be available by accessing teacher pages and opening the absent/make-up folder.  Follow the instructions and submit assignments to instructors. 


    Students will only be allowed to make up a total of 10 absent days per semester. The PE department requires students to be in class 90 percent of the time to successfully pass the course.


    1. Strength / Fitness Testing 10% of your overall grade.


    1. District written final exam 10% of your overall grade.


    Absences And Tardies          


    1. Due to the team-centered approach to this class you should be in class every day or you may be letting down those on your team.  Please make every effort to avoid absences.
    2. Excused and Unexcused absences will result in a loss of the dress out and participation portion of your grade for that day.  You may earn credit by completing the make-up opportunities on teacher page.
    3. Students must be dressed and in class on time or be considered tardy.
    4. All students that are tardy will lose points that day. Students with 3 or more tardies will be assigned ASD/Office Referral.

          Do not be late to locker-room or attendance. 



    All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry. As members of the Higley High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.


    Behavior Intervention

    1st Step: Student /Teacher Conference

    2nd Step: Student /Teacher Conference and Parent Contact

    3rd Step: Parent /Teacher Conference

    4th Step: Administrative Involvement/ Parent Contact


     ** Any excessive behavior that requires immediate administrative attention will bypass steps 1-3.  



    Definition: An absence is defined as a student's non-attendance in the student's assigned classroom during an assigned period. The difference between an excused absence and an unexcused absence is parents have followed procedures to excuse a student by calling the attendance line. However, the accumulation of excused and unexcused occurrences will result in potential consequences. ALL absences accrue towards the limit of 10 per semester.

    Higley Unified School District has implemented a limit of ten absences per semester. If the student acquires ten or more absences during a semester, the student will lose credit in those classes. To earn credit while auditing a class, the student must submit an appeal to administration, attend all classes after the appeal is presented, and pass the semester final exam with a minimum of 75%. Subsequent appeals can be appealed to the School Board.


    Attendance Policy Changes

    This is to inform you that we have a new board policy on attendance.  A student will be considered absent from class if they enter the classroom more than ten minutes after the designated start time.  If the student has a valid reason to be late to class it will be an excused absence. The absence will be considered unexcused if the student is late without being excused by the school administration or the parent signing in the child late.  If you would like to receive attendance updates throughout the day, you have the option to sign up in ParentVUE.


     What you will learn

    1. Physical skills, Basic rules, etiquette for team and individual sports.

         *Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Tennis, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Team Handball and Lacrosse.

    2. Safety

    3. Physical fitness training and principles

    4. Basic nutrition

    5. Basic injury care and prevention

    6. Fitness testing and goal setting



    1. LOCKER ROOM: 

    *Dress out in the locker room.  You have 2-5 minutes depending on your instructor.

    *The locker room needs to remain clean and tidy.  No gum or food allowed.  You may  

    be expected to help clean if cleanliness becomes a problem.

    *After class you will have 3-7 minutes to change. When you are ready you must wait in the locker room until the bell rings.

    *Showers are not required, but recommended.  You must have your own towel, soap, deodorant, etc.

    *No horseplay or fighting allowed in the locker room.

    1. LOCKS:

    *All students will be given a lock and a locker.  Do not bring your own lock.  Students who lose or misplace their lock will be charged $10.00.  Please report lost locks immediately, as they are usually found and you will avoid the charge.

     *Secure your belongings in your locker at all times. 

     *Valuables may be locked in the teacher’s office.

     *Do not share your combination with anyone.



     *You may bring water in clear, plastic containers.  Sunglasses, sunscreen and hats are

     recommended if we are doing outdoor activities.

    1. EXCUSES:

     *If you are injured you must have a note from your parents stating why you must sit out, any

     modifications needed, and when you may return.  After 3 days you must have a note from a

    doctor.  You will be given an alternate assignment. Students that have prolonged injuries over 2 weeks or medical issues may be changed out or issued no credit for class.

     *Those with asthma or allergies must let the teacher know immediately.  Please make

     arrangements with the nurse if your inhaler needs to be brought to class.


              *There is to be nothing in your mouth during class. 

              *No food or drink (except water) allowed during class.

              *Only those enrolled in the class will be allowed to participate.

              *Students are allowed in the gym only with teacher supervision.

              *Treat teachers, yourself, others, and equipment with respect.

              *Profanity will not be tolerated.           *NO CELL PHONES,HATS, OR HEADPHONES IN CLASS!!!