Several assignments, including your weekly research assignment, must be posted to to Turnitin.com for a plagiarism check, in addition to bringing a copy to class. If a Turnitin post is required for a particular assignment, your work will earn a zero if it is not posted in Turnitin on time OR if I receive a report from the Turnitin system, saying that your assignment is not at least 80-90% original work (80% with cited secondary information; 95% without secondary information).  
    Creating a Turnitin Account 

    1. First, you must have our ID and password.  

      • Our class ID is 22762521 and the enrollment password is 1234.

    2.     Go to the Turnitin homepage: http://www.turnitin.com.

    3.     Click "Create Account" in upper right-hand corner.

    4.     Under "Create a New Account" (after the email and password lines), click on "Student."

    5.     Enter the required information as directed.

    6.     Click "I Agree--Create Profile" button.

    7.     Email Mrs. Byrd at tommie.byrd@husd.org and include your first AND last name in the Subject line, even if your email address uses your full name. Once I receive your email, I will enter a grade for this assignment in the gradebook. After the first Sunday after school starts (8/1/16), grades will no longer be posted for the assignment, but students will still have to create the account.

    8.     Please be sure to read the "Plagiarism Policy" in the course syllabus. Again, plagiarized pieces (even if you plagiarize yourself) will not earn any points and additional disciplinary action will be taken.


    Uploading a Paper to Turnitin   

    1.     Click on our class name.

    2.     Click on the “Submit” button to the right of the assignment name.

    3.     Select "single file upload" from the "choose a paper submission method:" pull down menu.

    4.     Enter the paper title for the submission in the appropriate field.

    5.     Click browse to find the file on your computer.

    6.     Find the file on your computer and click open.

    7.     Click the “Upload” button.

    8.     Click on the "Submit" button to finalize the submission.

    Turnitin will give you the option to copy and paste your work into the system in the "choose a paper submission method:" pull down menu; do NOT choose this option as it erases all of your formatting and you may lose points as a result. You must choose “single file upload” to post your work correctly as a Word document!

    Double-check to make sure Turnitin sends a confirmation receipt to your email inbox. If you do not see this confirmation, your document did not upload to the system and your work will not be graded unless you successfully repost it before the deadline.