• Math:

    Fifth grade Common Core math standards will focus heavily on problem solving. Students will learn multiple ways to solve problems. Students will learn the standard traditional algorithms for solving multiplication and division problems, but will also learn alternative methods. This gives students an opportunity to choose a method that makes sense to them. In using more than one method to solve problems students are able to demonstrate understanding of abstract and concrete mathematical concepts and check their work for accuracy. Students will study the following units:
    • Place value with decimals
    • Multiplication and division with whole numbers and decimals
    • Fractions concepts - including addition, subtractions, multiplication and division of fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators
    • Volume
    • Geometry with 2-D Objects
    • Coordinate Graphing
    • Scaling
    • Algebraic Thinking


    In fifth grade science students will study the following units, while also using the scientific method and engineering design process to critically analyze problems and develop solutions.
    • Earth, Moon, and the Universe
    • Human Body Systems
    • Matter
    • Force and Motion
    Social Studies:
    Fifth grade social studies concepts focus on U.S. History. Students will study the following units:
    • Geography
    • Explorers
    • Colonization
    • Revolutionary War
    • Government
    • Civil War
    • Westward Expansion
    • Economics
    Fifth grade Common Core reading standards will focus heavily on using evidence to support details and make conclusions. Students will learn how to cite evidence from the text that supports their reasoning.
    • Key details -informational and literature texts
    • Craft and structure - text features and organization
    • Integration of knowledge - paired texts and questions