• Student and Classroom Expectations

     In our classroom, we follow these rules...
    • Follow directions quickly!
    • Raise your hand for permission to speak!
    • Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat!
    • Make smart choices!
    • Keep our dear learning community happy! :) 

    Positive Recognition

    I love catching students doing their very best! I reward positive behavior with Shark Bucks (little blue tickets) that can be spent in our classroom store. Students can purchase anything from ‘Shoes Off for a Day’ to ‘Lunch with a Friend and Ms. Lile’!

    If the entire class is doing their best, then they all receive marbles in the jar. If we fill up the entire jar, the class gets to choose a reward! Electronics day has been a very popular choice in past years.

    If negative behavior occurs, here are the steps we take in order to turn these actions around... 

    Step 1: Verbal Warning 

    Step 2: One-on-One Discussion and Loss of STEAM/Fun Friday or Other Fun Activities 

    Step 3: Contact Parent/Guardian

    Step 4: Conference with the student, parent, and teacher

    Step 5: School administration will become involved if the behavior does not improve after conference and improvement plan.