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    Mrs. Rohner's Classroom Behavior Expectations:
    1. Work Hard
    2. Be Nice 

    Sossaman Middle School Science Syllabus 2018-2019

    7th grade teachers:


    Mrs. Cain (amanda.cain@husd.org)

    Mr. Martineau (theron.martineau@husd.org)

    Mrs. Rohner (haleigh.rohner@husd.org)

    Mrs. Ross (melissa.ross@husd.org)

    Mr. Wyatt (robert.wyatt@husd.org)


    8th grade teachers:


    Mrs. Foote (nancy.foote@husd.org)

    Mrs. Montello (alyssa.montello@husd.org)

    Mrs. Nichols (sara.nichols@husd.org)

    Mr. Wyatt (robert.wyatt@husd.org)


    Description of Course:

    7th grade science ~ Be captivated by the wonders and beauty of the third planet from our Sun, Earth. Earth and Space Science is a laboratory course focusing on the study of space, geologic structures and forces, the ecosystems on our planet, and the atmospheric forces that shape our world. Upon completion of the course, students will have a clear understanding of the dynamic forces at work in the world around them, becoming better caretakers of the planet. It is going to be an educational and fun year!

    8th grade science ~ This course is designed to refine skills in scientific inquiry, graphing, analysis, metric measurement and lab procedures, as well as introduce and apply the concepts of physics, biology and chemistry, in order to successfully prepare students for more in-depth science courses in high school and future educational pathways.

    CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS – Grade 8 – ACCELERATED - Bringing physics to life, both in and out of class, Conceptual Physics allows students to explore engineering through hands-on, lab-focused instruction. Students will learn about forces and motion, Newton’s laws, work and energy, waves, and electricity. In addition, students will learn basic chemistry concepts including atomic structure, properties of matter, and chemical reactions. Upon completion of the course, students will have an understanding of the laws that govern the world around them and have a solid foundation for the multiple disciplines of science.

    BIOLOGY – Grade 8 – HPAL - This is a course that includes a study of principles governing all living things, including cell structure and function, genetics, classification, plants, animals, evolution, human systems, microbiology, and ecological relationships. Major emphasis will be on the scientific process, critical thinking, and activities in biology.



    A teacher has the responsibility to not accept assignments from student that do not meet minimal standards of completion. 

    Any assignment that remains un-submitted at the end of the unit of study or two weeks after the original due date (teacher discretion) will remain/be entered as a zero in the grade book. 

    All grades are updated weekly in Synergy. The link can be found on teacher webpages.


    District Code of Conduct will be followed.  See page 19 in Student Code on Conduct.  A link to the code of conduct is below.  http://www.husd.org/cms/lib08/AZ01001450/Centricity/Domain/740/CodeofConduct.pdf


    Recommended Materials:

    1.       2 college ruled composition notebooks (Foote – graph paper composition books; notebooks not needed for Wyatt or Montello)

    2.       Pencils/pens, colored pencils, highlighters

    3.       Glue sticks/scotch tape

    4.       Headphones / earbuds

    5.       2 pocket, 3-prong folder (Wyatt only)

    Donations Appreciated!

    •  Dry Erase Markers

    •  Highlighters

    •  Kleenex

    •  Hand Sanitizer

    •  Disinfectant Wipes

    •  College ruled composition notebooks

    •  Glue sticks

    •  Tape

    •  Metric rulers

    •  Scissors (adult size please)




    Absence Policy:

    You will have 1 day, for each day of absence, to make up the work you missed. It is your responsibility to check the “Assignment Calendar” on teacher pages and/or Edmodo and turn your assignments in. You will not lose points if assignments are turned in within the time frame listed above.

    Tardy Policy:

    You are expected to be in your seat when the bell rings. All materials should be ready at the start of the period. If you are running late from another class, you must have a pass.

    Assignment Policy:

    Along with classroom activities, students may receive work to complete at home. Students who do not turn in competed assignments on the due date may complete the assignment and turn it in the NEXT day.


    SMS encourages students to re-do/re-take assessments on which they performed below their desired level of mastery. In order to be eligible to schedule a re-do/re-take time with a teacher a student must complete the following tasks:

    • Ensure all assignments for the unit of study are turned in.
    • Meet with the teacher to establish criteria to complete the re-do/re-take form and associated tasks.
    • A student’s opportunity to re-do/re-take an assessment is always subject to teacher discretion.


    Tutoring is available upon request. 

    Disciplinary Action:

    After School Detention ~ SMS staff and administration believe in the value and importance of teaching students responsibility and accountability.  As a result, students may be assigned After School Detention (ASD).  ASD will be held three days a week.  Students who are assigned ASD will serve on the next scheduled ASD day. Students will not serve on the day it is assigned to allow parents the opportunity to make arrangements to pick up their child.  District transportation cannot be provided for ASD.  Students will need to be picked up no later than 4:30PM. ASD may be assigned by a teacher for the following reasons:

    • Tardy to Class
    • Unprepared for Class (missing materials, uncharged iPad, etc…)
    • Failure to submit an assignment

    The ASD program is not meant to address behavior issues in the classroom.  However, a teacher may utilize lunch detention, after school detention, hold student/parent conference in order to address inappropriate behaviors in the classroom.  These consequences are not related to the ASD program and will be accompanied by communication from the classroom teacher.

    Classroom disruptions

    • First Offense: Verbal warning
    • Second Offense: Removal from class (sent to another teacher) and home contact
    • Third Offense: Referral


    Safety issues and bullying will result in an immediate referral.