• Homework

    Homework is an important practice piece for students meant to reinforce concepts that they have learned in class. Homework is not graded because it is a practice piece, but it is still a critical component to encourage growth, develop responsibility, and grow confidence. Even though not graded, homework should be completed and will result in consequences if not complete.

    Math Homework
    Math homework is given out everyday except for Fridays and assessment days. I will never give out homework if I believe most students cannot complete the assignment within a 20 to 30 minute period. Most homework will be paper and pencil, but online homework may also be required. Students will need to access a computer or phone that provides online access throughout the school year. Students will access their homework through our curriculum. Students will have their own login and, again, will need access to a computer to complete these assignments.

    Every student will receive an agenda. It is the student's responsibility to write in the agenda daily and take it home to get it signed by a parent or guardian. The agenda will be a great way for students to stay organized and a way for parents to see what students need to complete for homework. Teacher communication will also be in the agenda.

    Homework Club
    Homework Club is an incentive that will encourage students to take responsibility for their homework. At the beginning of each month, the class will come up with a goal or prize that they want to work towards. If students miss one homework assignment they will owe recess time. If students miss two homework assignments, students will not be able to participate in Homework Club.