• 5/14/2019

    Scatterplots! Evaluating Scatterplots


    Two-Way Tables Mastery. Two-Way Tables Mastery


    Two-way table practice.


    Introduction to two-way tables.


    Independent and dependent probability.


    Probability of compound events.


    Using probability to make predictions.


    Probability Stations


    Introduction to probability.


    Students presented their road trip projects.


    Students presented their road trip projects.


    Students will finalize and submit their road trip presentations. Early finishers can help other groups, or work on their ALEKS. Grades have been updated; several students have not yet submitted all four sponsorship packets. Presentations will begin tomorrow in front of the panel and other 8th grade math students. 


    Road Trip Part Three: Presentation

    Students worked toward finishing, practiced presenting in front of their own class, and recieved feedback. Next week, groups will give their final presentation. 


    Road Trip Part Three: Presentation

    Students created outlines of their presentations. Tomorrow they will be finishing, and practicing presenting in front of their own class. Next week, groups will give their final presentation. 


    Road Trip Part Two: Sponsorship

    Today, students solved systems of linear equations to choose which snack and music sponsor would be the best choice for them based on the length of their road trip. 


    Road Trip Part Two: Sponsorship

    Today, students solved systems of linear equations to choose which phone and snack sponsor would be the best choice for them based on the length of their road trip. 


    Road Trip Part Two: Sponsorship

    Today, students solved systems of linear equations to choose which drink and phone sponsor would be the best choice for them based on the length of their road trip. 


    IRT Project. Students are working with partners to plan a road trip. The road trip proposal packet will be due Wednesday, April 17th. Keep in mind, CMS Field Day is Thursday, April 18th, donations and volunteers would be appreciated! Thank you!


    AZMerit Testing & Problem Solving "Math Teachers Have Problems"


    AZMerit Review Practice Jeopardy. Students will be taking the AZMerit Reading and AZMerit Math Part 1 Tests tomorrow. The 40 Topics for CMS Field Day are due tomorrow night (April 10th, at 11:59PM).


    Graded AZMerit Practice Test for a score. Students' objective was to collect 20 stamps (80%) and fix any they missed. AZMerit Practice Test. Click the link. Click Here


    AZMerit Practice Test. Click the link. Click Here. If you don't finish in class, finish for homework. Do not forget, your 40 topics for field day are due April 10th, and you have your weekly 60 minutes in ALEKS due Sunday. 


    1st Hour: AZMerit Writing Test

    5th & 6th Hour: Quiz Corrections; Angles Quiz


    1st Hour: Peer Tutoring and Corrections; How Many Chickens?; Angles Quiz; No Place for Hate Activity

    2nd & 3rd Hour: Quiz Corrections; Angles Quiz


    Angle Relationships Quiz; ALEKS Angles Assignment (due tonight); Puzzles Practice (optional, reccomended practice).


    Here is the links for today's assignments since some of it copied too tiny to read :) Parallel Lines & Parallel Equations


    Today we covered exterior angles of triangles and similar triangles. Students applied prior knowledge of solving multi-step equations to solve for unknown side-lengths. There is a new ALEKS assignment "Angles" this will be due on Tuesday, April 2nd, the day of the quiz. Thank you, and have a great weekend!


    Morning classes: AIMS Science Test. Afternoon classes: angle relationships. The angle relationships quiz will be on Tuesday, April 2nd (much of this unit is prior knowledge from 7th grade).


    Transformations Unit Test. Early finishers were allowed to work on ALEKS. Tomorrow, morning classes will be taking the AIMS Science Test.


    Transformations Review and Practice. We reviewed all of the transformation rules and practiced multiple transformations. Students were then given time to finish their Congruence and Similarity assignment on ALEKS. The Transformations Unit Test is tomorrow. Click the link for a quizlet to help study. https://quizlet.com/_1evci


    Transformations refresher and Similarity vs. Congruence discussion. Congruence and Similarity ALEKS assignment (started in class, due by the end of the day). Transformations test this Wednesday. 


    Math Field Day introduced! Students were given time to work on ALEKS to reach their 40 topic goal to earn admission to the Math Field Day. Have a safe yet fun spring break!


    Midterm Day 2

    Summer School Information:

    Pre-Algebra Boost

    This course is for students who need a little extra support to be successful in Algebra I as freshmen. This is an opportunity to help students cover key elements essential to Algebra I.

    The session will run 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. June 3-20. No credit will be awarded for this class.

    The cost for Pre-Algebra Boost is $250.

    After visiting with a school counselor for the proper course selection, register online.

    ** All summer school classes are contingent on student registration.**

    Click here for more information


    Midterm Day 1

    3/4/2019 & 3/5/2019

    Small group review stations for the Midterm. Students will be taking the Midterm 3/6/2019 and 3/7/2019 on their iPads. 


    Students took their Transformations Quiz and then worked on their Tranformations Practice in ALEKS.


    Students learned how to perform Dilations on graphs and from coordinates as well as identify scale factor. Quiz on all four transformations (translations, reflections, rotations, dilations) tomorrow.


    Students learned how to perform Rotations on graphs and from coordinates as well as identify what rotation occured. 


    Students learned how to perform Reflections on graphs and from coordinates as well as identify lines of reflection. 


    We began our new unit, Transformations today by exploring, learning, and applying the rules for translations. We completed practice problems together, in teams, and independently. Students have the last page of today's packet to finish for homework. This will be checked tomorrow for a grade. There will be a three question quiz over transformations tomorrow as well. Study your notes! 


    Students worked on "Spiral Review Classwork" on ALEKS all hour. The questions were selected based on prior knowledge gaps from first semester. Students were encouraged to take notes since there most likely will be an open note quiz in the very near future. The assignment will close tonight at 11:59PM. 


    Stundents took the Pythagorean Theorem Unit Test. Students that did not finish were directed to finish at lunch or after school. This week's ALEKS assignment (pythagorean theorem mastery) due Sunday, as well as the 60 minutes weekly time goal.


    Study guide for tomorrow's pythagorean theorem unit test was completed relay race style! Teams worked together to prepare for the pythagorean theorem test by working together to solve 18 practice questions. Answers were checked with me for accuracy. Please study! The study guide will be collected for points tomorrow. After the study guide, students were given time to work on this week's ALEKS assignment (pythagorean theorem mastery, due Sunday). Test tomorrow on pythagorean theorem. 


    Internal diagonals lesson. We reviewed Friday's exploration activity and then students worked in teams to solve three similar problems to help reinforce how to set up and solve 3D pythagorean theorem problems. Students then helped teach their classmates so that by the end of class everyone was able to answer one internal diagonals question correctly on their own. What a great day! Test Thursday on pythagorean theorem. 


    Students completed an exploration activity to apply their understanding of 2D pythagorean theorem problems to a 3D scenario. Test Thursday on pythagorean theorem. 


    Students completed a pythagorean theorem quiz to demonstrate their level of understanding of the week's content.


    Pythagorean Theorem Day 3. Students applied their learning from the past two days to set up and solve for missing side lengths of right triangles from word problems and on the coordinate grid. Tomorrow, students will take a quiz to show how well they have mastered this week's content. Study your notes! Keep in mind, ALEKS assignment "Pythagorean Theorem Practice" is due Sunday.


    Pythagorean Theorem Day 2. Students applied yesterday's understanding of Pythagorean Theorem to solve for missing leg lengths when given one side and one hypotenuse of a right triangle. Students then were introduced to the Pythagorean Converse, and used it to identify right triangles and non-right triangles given three side lengths. Students were given 20 minutes of class time to work on ALEKS assignment "Pythagorean Theorem Practice"(due Sunday).


    Introduction to Pythagorean Theorem. Students discovered the Pythagorean Theorem, and practiced applying it to solve for missing side lengths of right triangles given two sides lengths. ALEKS assignment "Pythagorean Theorem Practice" assigned (due Sunday).


    Practice finding slope, and using slope and a coordinate to write and manipulate a linear function. ALEKS assignment from yesterday reopened for those that needed more time or wanted to try again for a higher score. Students are allowed 3 attempts. Assignment will close Sunday night. 


    Students applied their new understanding of yesterday's retaught skill on an ALEKS assignment. Students were given all of class to work on the assignment. Due at midnight if not finished in class. It is titled "homework 2" in ALEKS.


    Reteach Lesson on most missed skill from Functions Test: finding slope, and using slope and a coordinate to write and manipulate a linear function. 


    Functions Unit Test


    Reviw of Functions Unit: Cut Up Review Study Guide. Functions test tomorrow.


    We finished graphing stories by hand and turned in our Graphing Stories handout. Students then explored watching videos and graphing the relationships digitally. They were able to self-edit by using the technology to graph and watching both play out simultaneously. The code if you did not finish is 66HWGV on student.desmos.com. Don't forget: Monday we will do our functions study guide and Tuesday we will take our Functions test. 


    Open note quiz started off the class. Students then had time to work on ALEKS. We ended the class by creating qualitative graphs, whole group, from videos and stories. 


    Today we practiced interpreting non-linear functions. We identified domain and range and identified them. We defined increasing, decreasing, and constant function behavior and identified those sections from functions as well. By the end of the lesson, students were able to color-code function behavior as well as identify domain and range of a given non-linear function. Tomorrow we will have a quiz over the function concepts we have covered so far. Please study your handouts from this week, as well as last week's quiz. By popular demand, the ALEKS homework 1 assignment has been extended. If you are unhappy with your score, go ahead and try it again to do better! 


    Students explored real world scenarios and graphed them using technology in “Function Carnival”. Student.desmos.com. Code:EZGJ4Q


    Functions 1 Quiz passed back. We revisited writing linear equations from tables, graphs, and coordinates, as well as compared linear equations. We then used these skills to identify and compare linear and nonlinear functions. Any packets not finished in class should be finished at home.


    Hanging with the Hawks field trip to Williams Field. Afternoon classes were given time to work on quiz corrections, missing assignments, or ALEKS.


    Functions Quiz 1


    Busy day! We used yesterday's notes to evaluate functions and identify whether or not relations shown in tables, coordinates, and maps were functions. Tomorrow, students will be quizzed for retention of these skills. Please study your half-sheet and packet from today so you are ready for tomorrow's quiz. You can do this! Don't forget you need to complete your 1.5 hours in ALEKS for the week. Several of you are still clicking on the wrong semester. Make sure you are clicking on the even numbered ALEKS thumbnail: 1st hour 0101, 2nd hour 0104, 3rd hour 0106, 5th hour 0108, 6th hour 0110. For more help signing in please click on the link below. 

    Click here for help logging in to ALEKS


    Friday’s quiz showed major improvement of graphing skills. Students were given class time to work on corrections. We started our Functions lesson and will be continuing tomorrow. Since it is a short week, the weekly quiz has been moved to Thursday and there will be no quiz Friday (due to Hanging with the Hawks).


    Graphing linear functions I know now. Early finishers started homework (word problem practice).


    Quiz results showed we have not yet mastered graphing. We practiced graphing together whole group and students took turns explaining and modeling on the board. 


    Revied yesterday’s practice and took graphing quiz.


    Peer tutoring and small groups based on Friday 1/11 quiz. Students then worked on extra practice based on most missed skills.


    In the morning, students took the AIMS science predictor test. Afternoon classes were allowed time to work towards ALEKS time goal.


    Today we completed the "I Know Now" supplementary quiz to show that we have mastered the unlearned concepts from Wednesday's quiz. Students who finished early worked on their ALEKS Knowledge Check (this will be due by midnight Tuesday). 


    Today we went over the quiz and did whole group, in class, corrections. We won't always do this, but since this was our first quiz of the semester, I felt it was necessary. We reworked similar problems to the ones that were most missed on the quiz so students could not only learn from their mistakes, but apply their learning. Half a point per question missed has been added back on to students' scores. Tomorrow we will be taking an "I Know Now" comprehension check, and starting ALEKS. Please make sure to bring your iPad fully charged for tomorrow's activities. 


    Today we went over more practice problems; finding slope from different givens and determining whether or not tables of values were linear. We then took a quiz over the past three day's (today included) content. The quiz results will show whether we are ready to move on, or spend more time on these concepts. If you haven't yet, please practice logging in to ALEKS; we will be using this as we continue throughout the semester. Your login is the same you use to log-in to the web filter. Thank you!


    Today we had a review lesson of linear equations. We made a collaborative mindmap to refresh our memories of important vocabulary terms. Next, we went through definitions and practice problems. We learned that not all linear equations are proportional, and we practice finding slope of proportional and not proportional linear relationsips from tables of coordinates. Tomorrow, students will be quizzed over this material. Study your notes! :)


    Welcome back! Today we went over proceedures and expectations as well as a lay out of what we will be learning this week. If you didn't do so in class, please finish your "Second Semester Survey" and either sumbit digitally, or turn in at the begining of class tomorrow. Reminder: tomorrow we will be going over Linear Functions; please bring a notebook to class. Take good notes so you will be well prepared for Wednesday's Quiz. 

    Required Materials for the School Year:

    • 2 packages college-ruled paper
    • 1 package graph paper
    • 2 composition notebooks (dedicated to math only; 1 for each semester)
    • 2 two-pocket folders with fasteners (dedicated to math only; 1 for each semester)
    • Dry erase markers
    • 1 pack colored highlighters
    • 1 pack colored pencils
    • A pencil box or pouch to house these items since they will be used daily

    **Wish List**

    The following supplies are not required but would be greatly appreciated:

    • Tissue Boxes
    • Clorox Wipes
    • Addtional "required materials" to have stocked in the classroom