• Your child will be bringing their behavior chart home every afternoon. Each day, your child will be coloring a circle that corresponds to our behavior clip system in class. I ask that you sign the behavior calendar at the end of each week and have your child return it on the following Monday. It is important that you are checking their purple folder daily to see their chart. The colors mean:    

    Classroom Behavior Clip Chart

    Gold: Top of the Chart

    If your child's sheet is colored gold, they demonstrated repeated positive behaviors throughout the day.

    They exceeded the expectations and they were at the top of the class. They were constantly following directions and making the best choices. This is not a color that a student would be on daily. Some students may reach this color, but not frequently so it needs to be special when a student does get to this level.

    Purple: Above and Beyond

    If your child's sheet is colored purple, your student did a good job of not just completing expected actions but, going further by being ready and prepared without needing reminders such as following directions, helping others, and going above and beyond in the class.

    Green: Good Choices

    If your child' sheet is colored green, they did a good job of being ready by follow directions and classroom procedures immediately and without reminders. They were making good choices.

    White: Ready to Learn

    This is where students start each morning. If your child's sheet is still white, it means that they had a good day and they were doing what was expected. They were ready to learn during the day.

    Blue: Think About It

    If your child’s sheet is colored blue, they needed more than one reminder about their behavior.

    Pink: Make a Change

    If your child has the color pink colored in, they needed multiple reminders about their behavior. Pink is where the student needs to fill out a think sheet and identify what they need to change about their actions. Please sign and return the following day.

    Red: Parent Contact

    If your child has the color red colored in, they filled out a behavior think sheet and still did not change their behavior. Please sign and return the slip the following day. I will also be contacting you to discuss about your student’s day.