• Class Rules:

    Be Responsible
    Be Safe
    Be Respectful
    Be a Learner 
    Be Kind
    Behavior Rubric:
    4: Students show self-control, participation and are able to work without direct supervision. Students identify their own needs and begin to plan and carry them out. In addition students are motivated and extend their sense of responsibility by cooperating, encouraging others and giving compliments.
    3: Students participate and try while they control their own behavior so they do not interfere with other students’ right to learn and participate, or the teacher’s right to teach.
    2: Students show some involvement by participating in at least one of the activities and follow some of the school and our class rules.
    1: Students make excuses and blame others. They do not try or participate. They do not take responsibility for their actions or follow the school and our class rules.
    Daily 5 Point Participation Points - these points are entered in ParentVue as a weekly total.
    1. Have complete instrument (including rosin, bow, shoulder rest or chair anchor
    2. Have pencil, notebook, music book, and all music
    3. Ready on time with short nails.
    4. Particpate the entire time.
    5. Attitude/Behavior - earn a 3 or 4 on the above Behavior Rubric