• Welcome to 4th Grade!


    We are so excited for this year to get started! Here is some information that you and your parents will want to have, regarding our school year:


    1. Homework: There will not be any nightly homework for students to complete, unless their classwork is left unfinished. We WILL have projects throughout the year that the kids will be required to complete at home, and information will come as these projects arise.


    1. Birthdays: Your child may bring a birthday treat from the approved list from the Health office for their birthday. If your child’s classroom is peanut free, please refer to the peanut allergy list. District policy is that treats are STORE bought and have a nutrition label. Treats baked at home are not permitted. Please do not send any treats that require refrigeration. If treats are brought in, we will distribute them during our recess time.


    1. Toys: Please do not allow your child to bring toys, electronics, gadgets, etc., to school. These become a huge distraction. Your child may bring in playground equipment such as footballs, jump ropes, etc., as long as they are labeled with your child’s name!


    1. Snacks and Water Bottles: Students are encouraged to bring a labeled water bottle to school and a healthy snack for our morning recess time.


    We are looking forward to a great year! Please let us know if you have any questions. On the back of this sheet, you will find the behavior plan of your child’s teacher.


    - San Tan’s 4th Grade Team

    Alexandria Mathieu

    Nicole Brown

    Vittoria Vandeventer

    Monica Smith 



    School begins at 8:05 every morning.

    Dismissal is 3:05 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

    Dismissal is 1:00 every Wednesday.