• Students working together on a science project 
    Higley High School is poised to become a leader in secondary Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) education with an Engineering diploma and program designed to provide your student with the necessary skills to pursue college degrees and careers in Engineering, and to respond to the nation’s need for college-ready students and STEM professionals.
    Students may choose to follow the STEM-AHED diploma path, which is designed to “Connect, Engage, and Inspire” students toward their future career field. The Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) - Accelerated Honors Engineering Diploma was developed to provide Higley High School students with opportunities for college credit and accelerated coursework to put them on the path to STEM careers. Our Engineering program adopted the nationally recognized curriculum: Project Lead the Way and currently offers dual enrollment opportunities with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.
    As part of Higley Unified School District diploma requirements, these courses* must be taken in order to obtain the STEM-AHED diploma: 
    Freshman year - Honors Biology, Honors Geometry, Honors Intro to Engineering
    Sophomore year - Honors Chemistry, honors Algebra II, Honors Principals of Engineering 
    Junior year - AP Science, Honors Pre Calculus, Honors Digital Electronics
    Senior year - AP Science, AP Math, Engineering Internship (optional) 
    STEM-AHED diploma requires a weighted GPA of 3.5 in addition to these classes. 
    *This sequence begins with the Class of 2021. Students who may graduate sooner should check with their counselor.