EL Program
    The goal is to increase English Proficiency of all EL students in grades K-12
    All EL students will be placed in mainstream English language classrooms. Students classified as an EL will receive ELD instruction based on their ILLPs from the classroom teacher daily. All children are taught in English using English materials, and are closely monitored. Students may be grouped together for targeted intervention based on their proficiency levels. Once ELs have achieved English language fluency, they will be exited from the EL program. Entry and exit from the program is based on AZELLA scores.
    English Learners come to Higley from all over the world, and are learning  in K-12 classrooms throughout the  district. Teachers who  have EL students will find useful information and links on this site that will help teach the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills that students need in order to become proficient in English.

    • Standardized Testing Accommodations can be used in any testing situation, and specifically for AzMERIT. See page 7 of the attached list for accommodations specific to EL students. AzMERIT Accommodations
    • EL aides may provide support to students during quarterly assessments if requested by the school during the normal schedules at each site.  
    • EL aides must receive Test Administrator training in order support students during AzMERIT testing if requested by the school during the normal schedules at each site.
    • AZELLA | Testing takes place every year in the spring before the AzMERIT. Teachers have access to AZELLA test prep materials on the ADE website.