• Checking Out Books and Materials

    1. Students are given 15 minutes at the end of library to check out books.
    2. You are allowed to check out two books at a time (Kinder is only allowed one).
    3. Books checked out must be returned the following week. 
    4. Books for return are to be collected by the teacher and brought to the library the day before their scheduled library time.
    5. If you forget to return your books you may not check out new books until they are returned. (one returned book = one new book, two returned books = two new books)

    Returning Books and Materials 

    1. If you are returning your books before your scheduled library time you may return it before or after school. You may also return books during the school day with permission from your teacher.
    2. Try and turn in your library books before your scheduled library time to help save time! 
    3. If you forgot to return your books, you may not check out a new book. 

    How Long You May Keep A Book 

    • You may keep your books for one week.
    • You may renew it only once.

    Lost or Damaged Books

    •  You will be charged for the book so that we can replace it  or you may replace it with an appropriate book 

               “Apples to Apples"