• "Morning Announcements" Schedule
    Role: StuGo officers will come to the front office at 7:55 am (before the bell rings) to do the morning announcements each weekday morning on the week they are assigned. Morning Announcements promptly begin at 8:05 am and take 5-10 minutes to deliver. StuGo officers are responsible for letting their homeroom teachers know that they are on Morning Announcement Duty that week and complete any missing work that they need to make up while they do announcements (ie. morning work). StuGo officers will have a list of announcements/script from front office to guide what they say. If a StuGo officer is unable to make the morning announcements on a certain day, they are responsible for finding a substitute to do announcements in their place.
     Week of... StuGo Announcers
     Aug. 1-6  Ryder and Chloe
    Aug. 8-13 Avery and Lyla
    Aug 15-20 Josh and Emily
    Aug. 22-27 Chloe and Vivian 
     Aug 29- Sept 3 Lyla and Grace 
    Sept 5-10 Molly and Emily
    Sept 12-17  Leah and Ryder
    Sept 19-24  Bailey and Grace
    October 11 - 15  Vivian and Isaac
    Oct 18 - 22  Josh and Leah
    Oct 25 - 29  Chloe and Emily
    Nov 1-5      Avery and Bailey
     Nov 8-12  Vivian and Leah
     Nov 15-19  Avery and Isaac
     Nov 22-26  Chloe and Bailey
     Nov 29- Dec 3  Ryder and Emily
     Dec 6- 10  Lyla and Josh
     Dec 13-17  Grace and Vivian