• Academic Intervention
    2021- 2022


    Teacher: Mrs. Nancy Foote (nancy.foote@husd.org)

    Course Description
    This course provides students extra time and intervention services to accelerate achievement in Math. This is a tier 2 intervention model providing at least 60 minutes of additional targeted instruction. Study skills will be incorporated into this class. This course may be repeated.

    A teacher has the responsibility to not accept assignments from students that do not meet minimal standards of completion.

    Assignments not completed/turned in by the end of a unit or exceed two weeks from the date of the assignment (teacher discretion) will remain/be entered as a zero in the grade book.
    All grades are updated weekly in Synergy. The link can be found on teacher webpages and in CANVAS.
    This course will be graded on a Pass/No Pass basis. Any average of 60.0% or higher will be considered a grade of pass.

    District Code of Conduct will be followed. A link to the code of conduct is below. http://www.husd.org/cms/lib08/AZ01001450/Centricity/Domain/740/CodeofConduct.pdf

    Absence Policy
    Students will have 1 day, for each day of absence, to make up the work missed. It is the
    student’s responsibility to check the “Assignment Calendar” in CANVAS and turn the
    completed assignments in to the teacher.

    Tardy Policy
    You are expected to be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings. All materials should
    be ready at the start of the period. If you are running late from another class, you must have
    a pass.

    SMS encourages students to re-do/re-take assessments on which they performed below their
    desired level of mastery.
    A meeting with Mrs. Foote is required to be eligible for a redo/retake.

    Tutoring is available upon request before and/or after school.

    Disciplinary Action
    Classroom Expectations and Progressive Discipline Plan
    All HUSD policies outlined in the Code of Conduct will be honored and enforced. Parents
    and students are strongly encouraged to review the conduct thoroughly and together.
    The Code of Conduct can be accessed at
    http://www.husd.org/cms/lib08/AZ01001450/Centricity/Domain/740/CodeofConduct.pdf .
    Students are also expected to meet the class “Standard” each day. A failure to meet these
    expectations and standards will result in the following classroom management plan
    Students that do not have their cell phone stored in their backpack will have the phone
    confiscated until the end of the school day.
    1st Violation: Verbal Warning
    2nd Violation: 1:1 Student & Teacher Conference
    3rd Violation: Parent Conference with Student
    4th Violation: Behavior Contract
    5th Violation: Administrative Referral