• Cooley Middle School, 7th Grade, Language Arts

    REMOTE LEARNING: Syllabus 2020-2021, Mrs. Rogers


    Welcome to 7th grade Language Arts. In our class, we will be reading diverse texts such as short stories, plays, novels, poems, biographies, fiction, non- fiction/informational texts, among many other literary pieces. We will be composing a variety of essays and responses to our readings and research. Our goal, as learners, is to hone skills in comprehension and writing through gaining mastery in grammatical rules, critical thinking and analysis. Language Arts has so much to offer and it is my goal, as an educator, to present these opportunities to you learners and to have fun in the process. In Cooley Middle School, we believe in the mantra that “Cougars never fail. We either succeed or learn”. We are here to foster an engaging environment while developing good grit and a growth mindset to equip you, our students, in achieving your academic goals.


    COURSE TITLE: 7th Grade On-Level Language Arts


    ACADEMIC COURSE MATERIALS: (Will be provided to the Students)

    HMH "Collections Textbook 7th Grade" (Bold Actions, Perception & Reality, Guided by a Cause, Stuff of Consumer Culture)

    HMH "Collections Close Reader 7th Grade"

    HMH "Performance Assessment 7th Grade"

    McDougal Littell, The Language Network

    Podcasts and Various Articles



    Computer or similar device that connects to the internet

    Composition Notebook for notes

    Writing tools (pen, pencil, etc.)


    Instructor Information

    Teacher: Mrs. Lael Rogers

    Credentials: Bachelor of Arts in English (Secondary Education),

    Endorsement in Structured English Immersion,

    Master of Education, Learning, and Technology

    E-mail: lael.rogers@husd.org

    Room: 224


    Instructor Availability

    I welcome communication from students and their families. I may be contacted via e-mail. All correspondences will be returned in a timely manner not exceeding 48 hours during the school week, or when school resumes. I am available for parent/student meetings, tutoring, and conferences by appointment only Wednesdays from 8:00 to 11 am. An electronic sign-up will be posted every week in the Kindly Read First announcement, in our Modules in Canvas.



    This course is structured to provide you with a comprehensive study of grammar, composition, literature, and vocabulary.



    Understanding grammar and its uses, application through composition

    Expanding vocabulary and spelling capabilities

    Exploring the different genres of literature

    Becoming versed with academic, literary, and content terms

    Using composition to creatively express thoughts




    1. Attendance

    There are several ways to show attendance:

    a) Check in for attendance during your class hour on your assigned days. The English Attendance Check is located in the Kindly Read First discussion board for every week. Please click on the link to post attendance.

    b) Attending your virtual class in Microsoft Teams is greatly encouraged. Go to the English Home Page, on the Calendar click on your class period and you will be automatically directed to our virtual class online meeting 😊 Please note that some of the live lessons may be recorded for future viewing. If you do not wish to be recorded, you have the option to turn your camera off.

    c) Cooley understands that students may not be able to be online during our virtual class online meetings. If that is the case, please go over the lessons and complete all coursework for the week. If you need assistance or have questions, please e-mail Mrs. Rogers at lael.rogers@husd.org, or sign up to meet during office hours- the sign-up link is in the Kindly Read First discussion board.


    2. Absence

    Prior to the class starting, it is the student’s responsibility to find out, through their peers or teacher, what they have missed during their absence. Please click on the Calendar button on the English page, Kindly Read First discussion board, and the lessons for information. The student is responsible to copy the lesson(s) missed, submit all coursework due, and complete tasks or tests. A 0% score for all coursework will be given on the gradebook until the student is able to complete the missing coursework. Students are expected to keep track of their due dates and tests missed, reminders will NOT be sent out. If the student does not complete their coursework in the timeframe allotted, s/he will forfeit the chance to submit his/her coursework and take missed tests. Submissions after the timeframe allotted will not be accepted, and requests to take tests will not be granted. It is advised to contact the teacher regarding planned or unplanned absences to request for classwork and extension for due dates.


    3. Participation

    Participation is a pathway to learning, hence it is imperative that students engage themselves at all times. It is expected that students will listen attentively, think critically, and share in collective activities within the classroom. Preparation is also crucial, so students are expected to have completed prior tasks, seatwork or practice work for the day, and have their journals and/or books.



     4. Remote Learning Expectations

    Behavioral Expectations for Students

    *Students at all levels are now engaging in virtual class sessions on Teams. To ensure a positive and productive learning environment during these sessions, it is important that all students adhere to the following behavioral expectations.

    Always be respectful and courteous to other students and teachers during virtual sessions. Inappropriate, offensive or threatening comments; misrepresentation of identity, and/or disruptive behavior by any participants during virtual check-in sessions will not be tolerated. Use only language that builds others up, not tears them down. NO PROFANITY or RACIAL SLURS of any kind will be tolerated.

    Be aware of your surroundings and keep your background/learning space as free of distractions as possible. The same relates to your computer/laptop/device, close irrelevant tabs so you can concentrate. Remember to attend your virtual class sessions on time, enter with your mic on mute and wear school-appropriate clothing.

    Login credentials must not be shared. Sharing of login information violates other students’ and teachers’ rights to confidentiality and could allow class participation by unauthorized persons and/or lead to disruptive behaviors that detract from a productive and positive learning environment.

    Students who are disruptive and/or “trespass” virtual sessions will receive appropriate consequences in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Consequences may result in temporary or permanent loss of technology access, which would prevent the student from participating in virtual sessions. Students receiving this consequence would have assignments provided to the student’s parent/guardian.

    *To maintain a positive, productive learning environment and assure confidentiality for students and teachers during distance learning, all parents/guardians are asked to follow the following privacy guidelines.

    Virtual classes are designed for students. To prevent disruptions to the learning environment, parents/guardians should not actively participate in sessions, although parents/guardians may assist their child with technology and/or remain nearby.

    Please listen thoughtfully and follow instructions carefully.

    Do not video record, audio record, photograph, live stream, or transmit in any other way any part of a virtual class, including not posting on any social media platform.

    Any confidential or personally identifiable information related to students participating during virtual classes should not be collected, discussed or shared.

    Parents/guardians should not engage with students during virtual classes. If you need to speak with your child during a session, first mute your child’s microphone.

    If a parent/guardian has a question about the classroom, please email your child’s teacher or sign up to meet during the virtual office hours. The sign-up sheet is in the Kindly Read First discussion board.



    Student Online Etiquette:

    There are social rules and norms when using the internet. When completing school assignments online, it is important to know these rules.

    DON'T USE ALL CAPS! - This seems like you are yelling or mad. Use proper conventions.

    Don’t share important personal information. Remember, some of the live sessions may be recorded and viewed later by others.

    Check your spelling and re-read what you wrote, before you hit send.

    Be kind and respectful- Think before you post, will what you say harm others or yourself?

    Don’t write anything that you wouldn’t want others to see (even in a private chat). Remember to think before you type, or do not share at all.



    *Email format is very similar to a letter.

    Kindly make sure that your letter is clear and has complete details so you can be understood.

    Include your full name and class period at the bottom of your email so your teacher knows who is writing her.

    Remember to be courteous and allow your teacher ample time to respond (about 1 day during school days, or when school resumes for the weekend/holidays). Write a follow-up if you must but remember that there is only 1 teacher in class with 140 students plus parents/guardians.


    5. Class Work (Homework, Seat work, Projects, Assessments) Submission/Completion

    Language Arts requirements may be hand-written or typewritten. Students, if you choose to type an assignment, no excuses will be considered for device issues such as broken computers or printers, no ink, etc. Writing assignments should be in MLA or modified MLA format, and cited properly. Submissions that do not include the student's full name, class period/hour will receive a 0% score (No Full Name, No Class period, No Date, No grade). Reminders are given to students to include their information on all submissions. When a student turns in their submissions online through e-mail during office hours (8:20 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday), the teacher will promptly respond via e-mail to let the student know that their submission has been received. Ample time is given to students to complete their work. A 0% score on Formative Tests and practice classwork; and a 0% score for Common and Summative Assessment, and Projects will be given on the gradebook for students who fail to submit coursework during the late submission window. Students are expected to keep track of their due dates and tests missed, reminders will not be sent out. If the student does not complete their coursework in the time frame allotted, s/he will forfeit the chance to submit his/her coursework and take missed tests. Submissions after the time frame allotted will not be accepted, and requests to take tests will not be granted. For Quarter 4, late submissions for class work will not be accepted due to the tight schedule for the remaining weeks in the semester. Retakes for missed tests will be the teacher’s discretion.


    6. Test Re-do and Retake Policy

    Second Chance Learning is a strategy that provides additional opportunities to learn and demonstrate what a student knows and can do when assessments indicate that the content knowledge or skills have not been demonstrated. Efforts will be made to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and skills in this class. Any student can re-do classwork or retake a quiz or test (EXCEPT for Vocabulary tests which cannot be retaken, scores are final.)


    **Second Chance Learning:

    Students will have the opportunity to re-do/retake assessments up to two times within two weeks after the teacher posts their grades in the gradebook

    Opportunity to re-do/retake classwork is teacher’s discretion and must receive the teacher’s approval

    Re-do/retake score will replace the original score unless it is lower than the original score (scores on both tests will NOT be averaged)

    Alternative class work or assessment will be given to cover the same academic content or skill, but may be in a different format

    Retake dates will be determined by the teacher and must be completed within two weeks after the classwork grade has been posted in the gradebook.


    ***Steps to Re-do classwork or Retake an Assessment:


    Complete the Cooley Middle School Retake Action Plan form (CMSRAP) prior to the re-do/retake date, link will be included in the lessons when we have tests/coursework.

    Complete/Redo all practice work provided by the teacher that relates to the classwork.

    Attend a minimum of one tutoring session with your teacher or complete practice materials before retake.

    Submit classwork or retake the assessment on the designated retake day within two weeks of the posted grade

    For Quarter 4, in lieu of the limited remaining school days, re-do or retakes must be completed one week after the grade has been posted in the gradebook and must be approved by the teacher. Failure to complete steps required for re-do/retake will result to denial/forfeiture.



     7. Late Policy

    Adequate time is given for all student work to be completed. All student work must be submitted on or before the due date to receive credit. However, late work may be submitted after the due date and will be accepted and/or graded by discretion of the teacher. Students are expected to keep track of their due dates and reminders will not be sent out. When a student turns in their submissions online through e-mail, the teacher will promptly respond via e-mail to let the student know that their submission has been received. The teacher is not responsible for any issues that stem from technological or device issues. Parents/Guardians, please let me know if there are emergency situations or unplanned happenings that prevented your student from completing their work (it is still teacher’s discretion if coursework can be accepted and graded). Students who submit classwork after the due date may receive point deductions and/or parent/guardian contact. A 0% score on coursework will be given on the gradebook for students who fail to submit classwork during the late submission window which can range from 1 to 5 days per teacher’s discretion. Submissions after the timeframe allotted will not be accepted, and requests to take tests will not be granted. For Quarter 4, Late submissions for class work will not be accepted due to the tight schedule for the remaining weeks in the semester. Retakes for missed tests will be the teacher’s discretion.


    8. Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation

    Cooley Middle School has a strict no tolerance policy for bullying, harassment or intimidation. Offenders will be given lunch detention OR an office referral and will meet with the Vice-Principal or Principal. If the student or someone you know is a victim of bullying, harassment, or intimidation (physical, emotional, verbal, psychological), please speak to the teacher, Ms. Alexander (CMS counselor), or the Vice-Principal immediately.


    9. Academic Honesty

    Academic honesty is highly valued and mandatory at Cooley Middle School. A student must always submit original words or personal ideas. Plagiarism is NOT tolerated, and all “borrowed” content from printed materials (books, magazines, articles, etc.), electronic publications (literature online, submissions, videos, audio recordings, etc.), images, and all copyrighted materials MUST be cited (MLA). All plagiarized submissions will receive 0% in the gradebook. Accordingly, submissions that exhibit parent/guardian, sibling, or outside “help”/creation will also receive a 0% grade. (Students, do not let others do your work for you or you will automatically receive a 0%). Students who cheat or allow peers to cheat during assessments will likewise receive a 0% in the gradebook and parent/guardian will be notified regarding the offense. The student will complete a Self-Reflection form and will not be allowed to re-do or retake the coursework. In addition, the student will be given lunch detention or an office referral.




    A. Composition Notebook/Journal

    Students are required to maintain a notebook for all classwork. It is expected that students review the contents of their notebooks daily. Should a student be absent for the day, it is his/her responsibility to make his/her notes current or up to date by copying the notes from their peer or asking checking the Modules for course materials. Completion of the activity and legible writing will be considered in the grading of the notebook; hence, deductions will be taken if activities are incomplete and the notes are ineligible when in-person school resumes.


    B. Homework, Individual and Group Seatwork, Formative Assessment, Vocabulary Test

    Students will be given homework, seatwork, formative assessments, vocabulary tests to supplement our academic content. Vocabulary tests cannot be retaken, scores are final. Adequate time is given for coursework completion and must be submitted on or before the due date. It is imperative that the student type his/her full name, class period, and date on all submissions. No full name, No class period, No date, No grade. (Please see Class Work Submission/Completion, Test Re-do/Retake Policy, Late Policy for more information). Homework, seatwork and formative assessments, vocabulary tests accounts for 10% of the student’s grade.


    C. Summative Assessments, Common Assessments, Pop Quiz, Individual and Group Projects, Writing Compositions, Notebook Checks, Book Reports/Tests

    Summative Assessments such as quizzes or tests and writing compositions will be used to evaluate student learning regarding academic content throughout the school year. Common Assessments will be given three or more times every quarter to evaluate mastery of content and skill. All assessments are aligned with the AZ College and Career Ready Standards. Please note that Pop Quiz can't be retaken, and scores are final. Students will be required to do at least one to two major projects per quarter. The project, rubric, and due date will be given in a timely manner so students will have ample time to complete it. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in book reports/projects on the due date and reminders will not be given. Please review Classwork Submission/Completion, Late Policy, Test Re-do/Retake Policy for more information. Summative Assessments, Common Assessments, Individual and Group Projects, Book Reports accounts for 80% of the student’s grade.


    D. Reading Assignments

    Reading is a key component to success. Students will be required to read not only poems, articles, short stories, and classroom novels while at school, but must read a book of their choice daily. It is encouraged, but not mandatory, that students pick a different genre every time they finish a book OR select a genre that inspires them. Every day, 20 minutes of reading time at home is a must. The library offers a wide variety of young adult books, and the students will be given the opportunity to check them out should they need a daily reading book. (Please contact our Media Specialist kimberly.murphy@husd.org). There will be no reading logs, however, students are expected to track their own time.




    After student submissions are received and graded, it will be available to be viewed online through the Student Vue or Parent Vue portal. Sometimes, there are errors in the grade entry so please make sure that students go over their grades immediately after posting. Should anyone have a dispute about the grade posted, it is the student’s responsibility to provide the submission (project, homework, seatwork, assessment etc.) in question, unless the teacher has possession of the coursework (assessment online). If there is a concern regarding the grade posted, please contact me and we will discuss the issue in private. Please do not accept a lower grade than what you think you deserve, please contact me lael.rogers@husd.org


    At Cooley Middle School, we provide opportunities for students to better their grades, and have a fair chance at success. On homework, seatwork, formative assessment, and bell work (for Language Arts). If a student does not submit work or shows no effort in completing the aforementioned coursework, a grade of 0% will be posted in his/her gradebook. For Notebook checks, Common Assessments, Individual or Group Projects, Mid-terms and Finals; students who do not complete coursework will receive 0%. Additionally, their score on the test/coursework will reflect their score in the gradebook. The score which the student earned will be posted as his/her grade in the gradebook. This is why the Test Re-do/Retake Policy is given for students to ensure better grades, and success.



    Summative & Common Assessments, Writing compositions, Pop Quiz, Individual and Group Projects, Essays, Book Reports/Test, Notebook checks count toward 80% of the grade

    Homework, Individual and Group Seatwork, Formative Assessment, Vocabulary Test, Bell work count toward 10% of the grade

    Mid-terms and Finals count toward 10% of the grade and is non-retakeable.