• Homework & Agendas

    Homework is a valuable aid in helping your child make the most of their experience in school. 
    I give homework because it is useful in reinforcing what has been learned in class, 
    prepares students for future lessons, teaches responsibility, and 
    helps all students develop positive study habits that will serve them both now and in the future.

    You can expect your child to have homework on most nights. This usually includes math problems that reinforces our daily lessons. Homework is required to be completed nightly and assists in further understanding content learned during the school day.

    Math Homework Expectations:

    Students will receive a packet of math homework on Monday. This packet will be due on Friday completed with quality work shown. All concepts are review from previous weeks.  
    'FrontrowEd' Assignments will also be assigned - these are computer-based assignments. Students will need access to a computer or electronic device with internet to complete these assignments.

    Agenda Expectations:

    Each student will receive an agenda to record daily homework assignments, keep track of project due dates, and keep you informed of important information or reminders. The agenda is also another form of communication between us, so please check agendas daily. 
    Students will be responsible for filling out their agendas each day in class and having it signed by a parent or guardian every night. 
    Students will establish their sense of responsibility and grow their organization skills.