• Team Teaching

    The Fourth Grade Team at Chaparral uses a team teaching approach. This means that within our DYAD team, your child will have two teachers, one for math/science and another for reading/writing/social studies. Students will travel between two classrooms and engage in those subjects. Within our TRIAD team, your child will have three teachers, one for math, one for ELA, and one for science and social studies. Students will travel between three classrooms and engage in those subjects. In team teaching, teachers represent different areas of expertise, but share the same group of students and a common planning period. Recent research in Elementary Education shows that team teaching leads to better student performance in terms of greater independence and assuming responsibility for learning. Exposure to the views and skills of more than one teacher allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the content being taught. Student achievement is ALWAYS our goal in fourth grade and we are confident that you and your child will find this experience extremely rewarding.  

     Welcome to Fourth Grade! 

    Team Teaching descriptive words

    Partner Teachers:
    Mrs. Montoya (ELA & Social Studies)
    Ms. Coronado (Math & Science)
    Mrs. Montes (ELA)
    Ms. McMillian (Math) 
    Mr. Price (Science/Social Studies)