3rd Grade Supply List

    Welcome to 3rd grade at San Tan Elementary School! We are excited to begin a new school year. Third grade is the bridge to the intermediate grades.

    Get ready to learn and grow!


    Below is a list of suggested supplies:


    6    - 100 page composition notebooks (please no spiral)

    1    - 12 count colored pencil pack

    1    - pencil case (fabric or box)

    1    - set of earbuds or headphones in Ziploc bag – labeled with child’s name

    1    - 1 inch binder with a set of 5 dividers

    1    -  pair of scissors


    The following items are classroom community items. They will be shared by all students and should NOT be labeled.

    2   - pack of pencil top erasers

    3   -glue sticks

    4   - 12 count boxes of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga, if possible)  

    1    -  Lysol or baby wipes

    1    - pack of wide ruled notebook paper

    5   - plastic pocket folders with prongs ( plastic for durability, one must be blue)

    2   - dry erase markers

    1  - pack of crayons or markers

    2 - boxes of tissues 


    We are looking forward to a wonderful new school year!

    The third grade team,

    Mrs. Trevino, Mrs. Mantle, Mrs. Litwin, Mrs. Malmin