• Ms. Wittenberg's AS Syllabus: Higley High School

    Welcome to Higley High School! This syllabus covers information for Ms. Wittenberg's following classes:

    • AS Math
    • HTAP

    AS Math Supplies

    • 1in BLUE binder
    • Pack of Pencils
    • Pack of easers

    HTAP Supplies

    • 1 ½ in BLUE binder
    • Two 1 ½ in WHITE binders
    • 1in BLACK binder
    • Big pack of pencils
    • Box of colored pencils
    • Basic calculator
    • Two packs of dividers
    • Big easers
    • Daily planner
    • Wallet (they will be responsible for their money when going out to eat)


    • Kleenex
    • Hand Sanitizer


    • Be on time to class
    • Be prepared
    • Participate
    • Ask questions
    • Be respectful
    • Complete work on time
    • Give it your best!


    90-100% A
    80-89% B
    70-79% C
    60-69% D
    60> F
    *Please know that the district went to a Pass/Fail grading for all AS classes during the 2015/16 school year*


    • Respect yourself
    • Respect your classmates
    • Respect your teachers and other staff members
    • Respect your school and its property


    1. Reminder of what you should be doing
    2. Verbal warning
    3. Moved to the back table to work alone
    4. Moved to the hallway to work alone
    5. Parent communation


    All students are expected to report to class on time every day.  
    • 1st tardy is a reminder
    • 2nd tardy is a phone call home