• THIS PAGE IS BEING UPDATED: Student, Parent/Guardian please refer to the Cooley Communication e-mails sent for the updated procedure for virtual learning. 

    Specific weekly instructions from Mrs. Rogers are explained in her virtual class in Canvas. 

    Please log into Canvas https://husd.instructure.com/login/ldap,

    then go to Mrs. Rogers' English Course Page,

    then Modules. 


    (This note will be deleted once the information is completely updated to reflect this school year).  Sorry for the inconvenience. 


    How to Help your Child in the classroom:

    1.  Check your student's notebook for our Weekly Calendar.  The weekly calendar is posted in front of the classroom and lists the academic content and due dates of coursework and important test/quizzess for the week. This weekly calendar is revisited daily so students know what happened in class the day before, what is being covered today, and what will be covered tomorrow.  Students are asked to copy the weekly calendar in their notebooks every Monday or when school resumes.  A digital copy of this calendar is also available in Mrs. Rogers' teacher page under CALENDAR  https://www.husd.org/Page/34082#calendar33802/20190811/month    

    2. Check PARENTVUE or STUDENTVUE weekly or when your student is absent.  Resources such as lectures, hand-outs, videos, materials, activities, among others are housed in there.  To get to the classroom resources:

    Go to HUSD.ORG (not the app)

    Go to ParentVue/StudentVue then login

    Click on Gradebook then search for ENGLISH

    Do not click on ENGLISH, but rather look for the hyperlink CLASS LEVEL RESOURCES then click

    *our academic resources are labelled according to the week, and the title indicates if it is a lecture, hand-out, video, etc.

    3.  Check your student's GRADEBOOK once or twice a week.  COMMENTS are posted on missing or incomplete coursework.  Deadline for submissions are also indicated in the comments.  Check the weekly calendar or online calendar for extended deadlines to complete coursework/tests/quizess, for retakes, and submissions.  Please note that late submissions may receive deductions.  For more information, refer to the syllabus numbers 5, 6, and 7.

    4.  Check GALILEO for test results.  Most of our quizzess, tests, and Common Assessments are administered in Galileo.  Students are able to view their responses to the tests once everyone is class has completed the test. Please remember that students are able to retake tests within two weeks after the grade has been posted in the gradebook!

    5. Communicate.  If there are any concerns that you feel or think will affect your student, please notify teacher/s. There is no need to explain details, a concise email will suffice. Thank you!

    6. Remind your student of our classroom policies and procedures. They are set in place to help your student succeed :)

    7.  Need a little extra help? Ask your student to sign-up a day or two for tutoring or retakes :)  There is a sign up sheet located in the classroom.  Tutoring or retakes are by appointment only: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30 to 8:50 am AND Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 3:50 to 4:20 pm ALSO during early release Wednesdays 1:35 to 1:55 pm.  Please remember to sign up so I can be prepared with materials for the tutoring or retake. 

    8. Celebrate small successes!! You are your student's biggest advocate and fan, remember to celebrate success no matter how small!