In addition to the school wide PBIS program, we do have our own Behavior Management Program in our classroom.  Each morning, the students will start at Green which means we are Ready to Learn.  As the day progresses, they can move their clip up or down depending on their behavior.  Of course, they always have the opportunity to get themselves back together and work their way back up the chart.  At the end of each day, the students will write down what card they ended on to let you know how their day was.
    Outstanding  Quarter  Pink
    Great Example  Dime  Purple
    Ready to Learn  Penny  Green
    Think About it  Yellow 
    Teacher Consequence  student will need to see me during recess  Orange 
    Parent Contact  Note or email home  Red
     Classroom Rules and Expectations
     1.  Follow directions
    2.  Be respectful of others
    3.  Use your words to solve a problem
    4.  Respect the property of others and the school 
    5.  Keep your chair and desk flat on the floor with all legs on the floor
    6.  Keep your hands and feet to yourself
    7.  Walk in the hallways as well as in the classroom 
    8. Wait your turn to speak and raise your hand when you have something to say