• On the last day of school, third graders were asked to give their words of wisdom for this year's class. Many of these students speak from experience!


    Always do your best.

    Never give up!

    Keep trying and you will get it.

    Keep your desk and all your stuff organized.

    Be yourself because you are AMAZING!

    Put effort into your work. Quality counts!

    Put your name on all of your papers.

    Study hard because third grade might be harder than you expected.

    Finishing first doesn't mean you finished best.

    Double-check your work. Work hard and try, try, try!

    Don't leave anyone out.

    Always be nice. It's easier than being mean.

    Use your time wisely, but don't rush.

    Practice your multiplication facts every day!

    Don't worry about making mistakes, it shows you're trying.

    Work with partners, do not play with them. You will get behind if you do. 

    Be nice to new kids. They could be a best friend waiting to happen.

    Make sure your sentences start with capital letters and use periods!


Last Modified on December 6, 2018