• **Prior to being eligible for tryouts, all students must be cleared through the Register my Athlete website.  Attached are parent directions on how to utilize the website.  You are highly encouraged to have all paperwork signed/uploaded prior to the end of the break that proceeds your athletic season. 

    If you have any questions, please e-mail:Brandon.Keeling@husd.org


    When are try-outs?

    For specific dates and times, please refer to the main athletics page.  However, generally speaking, tryouts begin the first or second day after returning from break and last a minimum of 3 days. 

    What is unique about cheer tryouts? 

    Refer to the main athletics page for tryout dates.  This season is unique in that it lasts three quarters (through February).  The athletic fee is paid twice.  Tumbling is not required but strongly encouraged. We are a competitive team (travel to 2 local competitions per year). There are also additional costs associated with this sport.  Athletes typically purchase a package at the beginning of the season containing items they keep such as hairbow, shirt, travel bag, etc... (specific items in the package vary from year to year).  

    Does my child have to attend every day of try-outs?

    We understand that every family has different situations that may cause them to miss a try-out day. Some things are unavoidable. We encourage students to attend as many days as possible. Every day that a student attends try-outs they build relationships with the coach and team mates,they learn routines and expectations and they begin to develop their physical conditioning to be ready for rigorous sports.  Attending every tryout date provides students with the greatest opportunity to showcase their skills and growth.  
    Does my child have to have a physical?

    Yes. The athletic packet needs to be complete.  The physical ensures that your student is in the best health possible to participate in the sports season. The concussion course is a required element of the physical packet.  Both these forms need to be submitted to Register My Athlete prior to being eligible to tryout. 

    Can the old physical be used for sports at the middle school?

    If the physical was conducted after March 1st of the prior school year, it is valid.  If the physical was conducted before March 1st it is not allowed according to our athletic policies. Contact your family physician or visit one of the local clinics or urgent care centers. Many conduct physicals for around $30.  Please ensure that all physicians complete the AIA provided forms for the physical (found on the SMS main athletics page). 

    How does my child take the concussion quiz?

    There is a link on the left to the brain book concussion test through AIA. Sossaman Middle School is new and may not be listed as one of the choices, so your child can enroll in the quiz through one of the HUSD schools.  Print the quiz results and upload it to Register My Athlete.   


    Can I help or watch during try-outs?

    No. Try-outs are not open to parents and family members, per EVC regulations.  However, if you would like to volunteer your time after tryouts, please contact the coach directly.  If they agree to having some extra hands help out, there is a clearance process that must be completed. 

    How many students will make the team?

    East Valley Conference has minimum team sizes. Although coaches may select more athletes than this number they may choose to not to in an attempt to maximize player development and playing time for the students on their team. We know that many students are interested in participating but not all students will be selected for the team. 

    What if my student is not selected the team?

    They are still able to participate in the intramural sports offered through the community education department, club sports or join one of the other groups/acitivities on campus.  We also offer three sports that do not make "cuts".  These sports are cross country, wrestling and track & field.  These sports provide an excellent opportunity to engage in a team dynamic while improving physical skills.  

    What are the athletic fees?

    There is a $100 non-refundable fee for each sport your child participates in and athletic fees are AZ tax credit eligible. Individuals filing independently can pay up to $200/year and those who file jointly can pay up to $400/year to cover these fees and get the full amount back on their next AZ state tax return.  There is a maximum $350 a year a family can pay.  You are responsible for traking your own payments to ensure you do not go over this amount. These fees are used for coahces, transportation and officials and are not refundable.

    Any questions can be directed to Brandon.Keeling@husd.org