• Snacks
    Snacks are always okay, provided they are mostly healthy and do not become a classroom disruption. There will be no set snack time, however it is a long day so your child may bring in a snack of his/her own and munch when needed. I will not be providing snacks. Snack time is a privilege in 5th grade. We will have class procedures to make sure snacking does not become disruptive. Please look for these procedures in your child’s agenda the first week.
    Acceptable snacks:

    Crackers of most any kind (Ritz, saltine, animal crackers, cheese etc…)Pretzels, Pop Corn, Chips of most any kind (please no hot Cheetos),Fruit Snacks, granola bars or cereal bars (low in sugar) etc…

    Unacceptable snacks:
    High in sugar foods with little to no nutritional value, such as candies and cakes, are not acceptable snacks. Your child will not be allowed to eat these types of snacks during class time. They will have to wait until lunch.

    Store bought Birthday cupcakes and cookies are okay but they will be passed out at lunch or the very end of the day. By law we are no longer allowed to serve home baked goods at school. Food must still be in original store bought wrappers.