• We are all here to learn! If any student is taking away from the learning experience of another student, it will not be tolerated.  
    During the first week of school, we discuss student behavior, classroom policies and procedures, and school-wide rules. My policies and procedures are in place to ensure that my classroom is a positive learning environment. As posted in my classroom, my rules are to "work hard and be nice." Even though these simple rules encompass many other positive behaviors, more specific expectations are outlined in the student handbook. It is one of my goals as the teacher to not only encourage good behavior at school, but also to encourage students to be respectful and hard-working people in general.  

    Behavior and Discipline

    Students are expected to arrive to class on time, be prepared with books and materials, and show respect.  Students are also expected to adhere to the school wide and classroom rules and expectations at all times. 

    • Only pencils and blue or black ink will be permitted in class.  Red pens will be used for grading purposes only.  Work done in any colored ink, other than blue or black, will not be accepted.  Occasionally, colored pencils or markers will be needed. 
    • Electronic devices (cell phones, i-pods, video games, etc.) and headphones are not permitted unless they are being used for instructional purposes. If you are using your cell phone during class it will be confiscated and turned in to the front office.
    • No gum chewing, eating, or drinking (juices, colas, etc.). This is in place to keep our school looking nice and it will be strictly enforced. Please know that even unopened items may be thrown in the garbage. Water bottles are encouraged!
    • Hats should be removed within the building.
    • No skateboards or scooters in the classroom.