• Class Motto

    Our classroom Motto for this year is “Slow and steady wins the race” from the fable the “Tortoise and the Hare.” The tortoise represents someone who is patient, caring, diligent, and respectful. We will be using this fable along with our Character Counts program to help promote positive, caring students who will be able to handle negative situations, such as bullying, in a productive way.


    Our rules will be to the benefit of everyone; Respect yourself, Respect others, Respect this place. As a class we will come up with more specific ways to ensure we are all following the rules. Please look for these more specific rules in your child’s agenda the first week of school.

    Method of Discipline

    I will use colors, table points, and turtle dollars to promote positive behavior. This will work as follows:

    Positive Consequences

    1. Each table/group will be able to earn points. This is a group effort. The group will receive points for positive group actions/behavior such as cleaning up their area, working together, following directions first prompt, etc… At the end of the week the top three tables/groups will earn table prizes.
    2. The students will also be able to earn rewards for individual positive behavior such as:
      1. Turtle dollars
      2. Verbal praise
      3. Positive note/call home
      4. Shopping at the Turtle Store

    Turtle Store

    The turtle store is a special student store where your child will be able to spend his/her turtle money during Pride Time (when I don't have duty). Items that will be in the turtle store vary but will be solely provided by myself and parent volunteers. So if you are able, donations are greatly appreciated throughout the entire year.

    In the past some of the items have included cheap snacks,  juice, caffeine free small sodas, candy, reasonably priced popular toys, or gently used toys, stickers, daily school supplies etc... The items in the store are priced anywhere from $3-$100 (turtle dollars) or more. The higher priced items teach the children the importance of saving and hard work to earn desired objects.

    Negative Consequences

    Each student will be assigned a number for the year and a magnetic hand. If a student chooses to break a rule (discussed above) they will be given a warning. If the behavior continues I will ask them to shift their magnet down the chart. All magnets move back to Excellent Choices at the beginning of every week. Each color has a consequence:

    • Teal: Excellent Choices - keep up the good work!
    • Yellow: Think About It - change your behavior. (Owe turtle money).
    • Orange: Make Better Choices -  (Owe turtle money)
    • Blue: Loss of Privileges.  (Owe turtle money)
    • Red: Parent Contact. (Owe turtle money)

    When all efforts have been exhausted, the student will receive a referral to the office.  Any act of violence, continual rude or disruptive behavior toward a teacher or another student will immediately result in a referral.