• Homework Policy: Homework will be given every week with a few exceptions such as: big testing, holidays, and large projects. Homework is due every Friday unless otherwise stated. It is okay to complete homework early if it is given in the form of a packet. Most Fridays we will have an extra P.R.I.D.E. free time in the afternoon. One of the requirements to earn this extra recess is the completion of all homework.

    Agendas: Your child should be bringing home an agenda nightly. Your child is responsible for writing daily: his/her missing work for the day, homework for the night, and any important upcoming dates or assignments.

    Moby Max: Moby max is an interactive website that will help your child move to the next level in his/her learning. It can be used to reinforce skills taught in the classroom, fill in missing information from other grades, or exceed to the next level of learning. www.mobymax.com/az701