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    Hi Parents,

    Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a restful summer and are ready to get back to the consistently hectic schedule the school year brings! I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself along with give you a bit of information ahead of time so you know what you can expect from this orchestra program this year, and also for the next several.

    My name is David Jacques, I’ve been teaching music classes since 2011 but have been a student of music my whole life. From the first time I smashed a few keys on Grandma’s piano, figuring out how to combine those random pitches into something beautiful, like a master woodcarver creating art from an old stump, became a life’s passion. There is simply not enough beauty in our world, which is why I couldn’t be more excited to take a handful of children and chisel away the screeching tones, dragging rhythms, and wildly out-of-tune melodies until we have something beautiful.
    What to expect this year:

    Band and orchestra programs can be a bit intimidating for some families who may not have had previous experience in music themselves. To make matters worse, it seems that many beginner-level teachers don’t warn parents about what they are getting into. I don’t want to do that to you... you deserve to know. :)

    A musical life can get expensive. The first trip to the music store to rent an instrument and get books and supplies is going to be about $50 on the low end plus a monthly payment. Want to play cello? Maybe $75. Bass? I’ll just let you ask the store employee ;)
    Tee Shirts are a thing in band and orchestra classes. Give it a couple weeks and you’ll see that order form coming for about $15-$20.
    Saturday events are also a thing. We have the HUSD Fine Arts Festival in April on a Saturday, and I am on the lookout for community events around the Gilbert area for some public concerts. I will never “require” Saturday attendance for a grade, but I promise you those are the events your kids will remember.
    What to expect for the next 7 to 8 years:

    Why should you rent an instrument the first couple years? Because now you’re in middle school, you’ve played for a while and know you love it. You are ready to buy one of your own... for $800. Congratulations, your child is now an investment.
    In elementary school, we play concerts at your local farmers market. In high school they play concerts in other states.
    More tee shirts. You will spend hundreds of dollars on tee shirts by the time your child graduates high school. Literally hundreds. Plus you have to buy a bigger dresser to store them all in. You are giving your child not just an experience that is worth every penny, but a life full of friendships, passion, and beauty that you won’t find anywhere else in schools. Except for band, it’s really just like band but the instruments aren’t as loud.

    With all that said, I want you to know that I refuse to let a student miss out on ANY of these opportunities because of any kind of financial hardships. I wouldn’t be in the place I am today without the help of scholarships, fund raising, and teachers and communities that worked together to put music in my life and the lives of others. My teachers always made it work growing up for me and my friends, I will make it work for you.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. By doing so you’ve taken the first step in raising a fine musician. I look forward to going on this musical journey with you and your family.

    Musically Yours,
    David Jacque



    Most communication throughout the year will be through the Remind App. As a traveling orchestra teacher, I'm not able to be tied down to email. However, I will have the Remind App on me at all times. If you email me, I will likely respond within 24 hours. If you message me on Remind, I will likely respond within 24 minutes. When you search for classes within the Remind app, you will be asked for a code to enroll in the class.  The class codes are as follows:

    Power Ranch 5th Grade Strings: @PROrch5
    Power Ranch 6th Grade Strings: @PROrch6
    Bridges 5th Grade Strings: @BrgOrch5
    Bridges 6th Grade Strings: @BrgOrch6
    Coronado 5th Grade Strings: @CorOrch5
    Coronado 6th Grade Strings: @CorOrch6


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