• Mandarin Choice Program
    Frequently Asked Question
    Mandarin Choice: Dual Language Program
    FAQ: Why Mandarin?
    Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world. If you can speak Mandarin and English you can speak to more than 50% of the world’s population. It is considered a “Critical language” by the US State Department for economics competitiveness and security of our nation. We are prepapring our students for academic success, to be biliterate, and to have a solid cultural understanding of the target language.
    FAQ: How is the Mandarin Choice funded?
    Partial Immersion or Dual Immersion structures are considered cost neutral once they get started. It is simply a staffing change, but not a budget change. Instead of investing in materials in English, Mandarin educational materials are substituted. 
    FAQ: Where does the Mandarin teacher come from?
    We seek Mandarin teachers with a superior or professional level expertise in the target language. If a local certified and properly endorsed teacher is available, they can be hired. 
    FAQ: What is the curriculum?
    The Mandarin Choice program follows the new Arizona State Standards for College and Career Readiness and State and District assessments the standard classes use. We also follow the ACTFL standards for language proficiency at each grade level. The curricular resource we use to support learning is Mandarin Matrix.
    FAQ: How much homework is required?
    Although students are exposed to the same curriculum as their same age peers, please understand that it does take additional work to learn a language and extra practice will be required at home. Our Mandarin curriculum utilizes an online component through Mandarin Matrix. There are a myriad of online programs that follow the district provided curriculum resource. The best way to gain access to these items is through your child's teacher.