• If you are going to be withdrawing your student from Higley High School the following MUST be completed:

    • All Library books, fees, and textbooks need to be turned in – Please contact Acacia Davis, Bookstore Manager, at (480) 279.7445 for a list of what your student owes
    • All Athletic equipment and fees need to be turned in – Please contact Liz Lafayette, Athletic Secretary,  at (480) 279.7317

    Once you have been cleared with the above departments then the withdrawal process can start.  Please give as much notice as you can so transfer grades, transcripts, and students records can be obtained.

    Don’t forget to pick up your medications - Please contact School Health Aide, at (480) 279.7315
    For lunch money reimbursements or questions - Please contact Cafeteria Manager, at (480) 279.7320