• Student & Classroom Expectations

    My classroom rules are as follows:

    1.  Follow Directions
    2.  Listen to the teacher
    3.  Do your work the best you can.
    Rewards and Consequences: 

    The students can earn a sticker for a chart at the end of class.  Once the chart is full they are able to go to the teacher store for a special reward.  Some of the items are pencils, mechanical pencils, erasers, toys, stickers, and other exciting items. 

    We all start out on green which means the students are doing what is expected and will get two fish crackers and a sticker.   

    If the students do above what is expected they are moved to the blue level which you earn extra rewards for great decisions and will get two fish crackers, a skittle, and a sticker. 

    The level above that is rainbow. When a student gets on the rainbow level they not only get fish crackers and skittles but the parents will be called to tell them what a super job the student did today in class.   

    If the students are having difficulty with the classroom rules they will go to yellow with a warning, 1 fish cracker, and a sticker. 

    Lowest level is red which means the student has a warning and the teacher along with the parents will be contacted regarding the behavior.