• Daily Classroom Procedures

    Morning Lineup 

    The gates will open at 7:45. Students may enter and play on the playground until the bell rings at 8:05. Our class lines up in front of the 300 building by the number 30. The numbers are spray-painted in black on the sidewalk. I will walk our class in when the bell rings. 


    We will be providing agendas to students.  They will be sent home every day.  Each day the students will list the assignments given. Any assignment not completed will be highlighted by the student so that the student remembers it is homework for that night.  Additionally, if I have a special note for the parents, I will write it in the bottom section for that day.  Please feel free to do the same if you have a question or comment! A parent or guardian must sign the agenda each day! I check each agenda daily, and will respond to any question that same day.  This notebook is also used as a daily update to describe your child’s behavior and work habits. It is the student’s responsibility to remember to return the agenda daily, and to ensure that it is signed. 


    The agenda, website, telephone calls, notes back and forth, and email are all forms of communication to keep you updated on what is happening at school with your child. Email and my web page are my main tools for communication. Please refer to my web page to answer any questions you may have. (*You can access it through the Cortina website by clicking on “Teacher Pages.”) I update my web page weekly and post many important updates and other key information. Also, please feel free to call my classroom voicemail and leave me a message. I will return messages as promptly as possible. I am also happy to set appointments with you as necessary. My email address is shubhra.brownkhan@husd.org, and my voicemail is 480.279.7850  

     Homework Folder/Homework 

    This folder is for parents and the teacher to communicate as well and for students to take papers, homework, important notices and other notes to and from school. This folder should be checked every day, and it should always come back to school with your child. It is a great way for children to become organized and responsible. My homework policy is very simple. The students will get a worksheet to take home on the lesson taught in class for extended practice. The purpose of homework is two-fold: to reinforce what we have learned in class, and to teach responsibility. There is no homework the first week of school. 

    Star of the Week 

    The STAR of the Week is the special person focused on each week. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to shine! Star student will get to use a special chair painted by Mrs. Khan all week. The student will also get to choose flexible seating of their choice each day, and will get to pick a prize from our treasure box. 


    Fourth grade will be going to recess after they eat lunch in the cafeteria. Please apply sunscreen every morning, and send your child with a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of water to drink. If the weather is too hot, we will have indoor recess. Please label everything with your child’s name.  


    We will be having snacks in the mornings. Please feel free to send a healthy snack for your child to eat. Please do not send candy, chips or other sugary foods for snack time. Thank you!