• Mrs. Montoya’s 

    Classroom Handbook

    Phone number: 480-279-7953

    Email address: molly.montoya@husd.org

    Room: 358

    Policies and Procedures 2019-2020

    Welcome to Fourth grade! I am part of the dyad path in fourth grade.I will be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies this year. I am very happy to have your child as one of my students. 

    School Procedures:

    Attendance plays a large role in your child’s educational experience. It is important that each child attends class and arrives on time. School starts at 8:05 a.m. The gate will be unlocked and a teacher on duty at 7:45, your child may be dropped off at this time. Therefore, students are not allowed on campus until that time. When the 1st bell rings they will line up outside and walk into the build as a class. 

    Daily Schedule/Specials:

    All students experience specials for 45 minutes per day. We have four specials: art, music, PE, and library. Here is the schedule for the week:




     Please provide a backpack for your child to bring to school everyday! Also, make sure that the backpack will hold papers that big enough to hold a 8 x 11 inch folder. Check the backpack each and every night, clean out trash, old papers, replenish with clean water bottle. Look for their folder daily and return it with them to school. Doing so will also provide an opportunity to talk with your child about their day.


    We will celebrate your child’s birthday on the appropriate day whenever possible. You are welcome to bring in a snack to celebrate. Make the snack simple to pass out and bring all items needed to serve the treat. Due to new district guidelines homemade goods are NOT allowed. Cupcakes, cookies, or fruit snacks are great! Please call me for a current number of students before the day. These items also most be peanut free since we are a peanut free classroom.

    Daily Folder & Discipline Plan:



    Consequences: Verbal warning, thinking time, loss of 5 minutes of recess/ free time, phone call home.


    Your child will be given homework starting on the first day of school. It is a monthly calendar with an activity for you and your child to complete each day. The purpose of homework at this age is to develop good habits as well as reinforcing and extending their skills.


    Book Orders:

    I will send home book orders periodically from Scholastic. This is an awesome way to build your child’s library at home and to help our class earn points to get books as well. When purchasing books, please send a check made out to SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUBS. If you order from multiple book orders you can still write only one check. (Please do not send cash, as the district no longer allows us to accept cash for orders). Be sure to include your child’s name on the order form and send it in with your check inside an envelope or baggie.

    Snack Time:

    The children are encouraged to bring a nutritious snack to eat during our breaks. You can pack one snack for our child in the morning and one for the afternoon. If your child would like a snack, please send it daily. Small items that can be eaten quickly are best (goldfish, carrots, crackers, cereal bars, etc…) Please do not send dessert items, juice, or candy for recess time. Each child must bring a bottle of water to class daily J Please don’t freeze the bottle as they get messy when thawing.

    Lunch Money/ Lunch Boxes:

    A great way to ensure your child has lunch money is to prepay online periodically, rather than have them bring it daily. The lunch vendor’s website can be accessed through the district homepage. If you do send lunch money to school, please send it to me in an envelope or sandwich baggie (with child’s name, and Montoya, 310 on it) and I will take care of it from there. You may also stop by the cafeteria and put money on the books for your child’s lunch, or there is a spot located in the front office where you can drop off money for your child’s lunch. If your child’s lunch money runs out, they will receive a stamp on their hand and they will get a cheese sandwich.

     If your child brings a lunch, please make sure that it is labeled with their first and last name on it. Also, that they have a cold pack inside of it.

    Parent Volunteers:

    I would love volunteers! Please let me know by filling out the form. A little time is needed at the first of the year for the children and I to bond. Also, this is a time for some of the students to become semi-independent. After that a few weeks, I will be asking those volunteers to come into the classroom. I will need volunteers to work with students, making books help with crafts, reading stories, material preparation, filing, help with special days, and etc.

    **Volunteers MUST go through an official background check before they are able to be in the classroom with the students. Please fill out a TIER 2 packet and return as soon as possible since it may take a few weeks to be completed. Packets can be obtained in the CHP front office or at the district offices.

    Newsletters & Communication:

    I will have a weekly newsletter that will be emailed and posted on the classroom website. It will include information that I feel is important to you such as dates, reminders, and concepts we are learning.  

    For us to have a successful year we need to have open communication. If I have any specific information regarding your child I will send it home in his/her blue folder. Also, if something is stressing your child I need to be aware of it in order to be more sensitive to their needs. I do not need personal details just some basic facts. If you have a question or concern, please set an appointment with me for after school. I will try and accommodate you whenever possible. We may have to find time before school but please don’t expect to “catch me” during the day. School hours are for teaching and caring for your child. Please set an appointment for my undivided attention! Thank you, let’s have a great year!

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Montoya