• Classroom Expectations

    Here are our rules, most of the rules reflect learning good manners. In our classroom I expect students to treat their classmates and myself with respect; also I work to create a community feel in the classroom.

    1)    Keep your hands, feet, and all objects to yourself.

    2)   Listen to others when they are speaking.

    3)   Be safe, be kind, and be honest

    4)   Raise your hand and wait to receive permission when you want to speak

    5)   Follow directions quickly

     I use a clip system as my discipline plan for the classroom. All students start on the “ready to learn”, (green board) every day. This is stating that the student is right on task and ready for the day. If a student breaks a rule they will receive a warning. If they break another rule then they will move their clip down to “think about it” (yellow board), they will be explained to why they are changing their clip to show that they are not making good choices. It is the student’s responsibility to change their clip. If they refuse to change their clip and I have to do it they will get an automatically go to “parent contact” (red board) and will have a phone call home. If the student breaks another rule after yellow, they will move their clip to “parent contact” (red board). They will also lose their whole recess and will have a phone call home. A referral to the principal also results in an automatic red.

     Rewards: praise, high fives, stickers, treasure box and moving their clip to purple.

    Purple- the student had an excellent day and showed a great act of character, they get to move their up from green

    Green – a student can pick from the prize bag after 5 consecutive green stamps.

    Consequences:Warning – everyone gets one free warning a day!

    Yellow – lose 5 minutes of recess 

    Red, parent contact– phone call home, loss of recess (if a student receives a red, they will NOT be allowed to attend a classroom party)      

    *anything after a red is a referral*

    Please look for your child’s behavior report as a stamp in their folder daily everyday. Please sign and return their paper everyday. Also, you may make a special note for me to see.