• Classroom Rules
    1. Raise your hand to speak
    2. Listen carefully and follow directions
    3. Work and play safely
    4. Work quietly and do not disturb others who are working
    5. Respect yourself and others.  Be kind with your words and actions
    6. Respect school and personal property 
    Classroom Management
    No child is perfect, second grade is a year of social and academic growth and on occasion disregard for the rules.  Should we encounter a minor issue in class your child will receive a warning.  If the negative behavior continues they will be moving their name card to yellow and then red. They have a chance to move back to green by making good choices, however, if your child has yellow or red days they will miss recess and Fun Friday activities. I will always indicate on their homework calendar if their card changes.  I will notify you by phone if the behavior continues.  
    On a positive note, I believe that positive reinforcement encourages students to want to make good choices.  Tables can earn team points by working together and are rewarded at the end of the week.
    Our goal is learning  in a kind, gentle, and safe environment.
    Parent support and communication is valued and welcomed!