• First Grade Homework

    There will be no formal homework sent home. First grade sends home a family STEAM project each month. It is to be worked on at home and brought back by the noted due date. The students will then present their project to the class.


    The most important thing you can do with your child to help them succeed in school is to listen to them read and to read to them. Once we begin going to the library, your child will come home with one or two books from the library each week. One of the books will be a for fun book while the other one will be an AR book. Listening to them read provides them with an opportunity to practice reading and improve their fluency. I hope that you also continue to read challenging books to your child each evening and share the joy of reading with them. This is the best way to inspire them to want to read more!


    First Grade has set up weekly lists on "Spelling City". The easiest way to get to spelling city and the word list is to go through the link on my webpage. You do not need a login if you access it this way. Otherwise, when you first access this site, you will need to register as a parent. After registering, you will be sent an e-mail confirming registration. Then you can log-in at spelling city and click “find a list”, click on teacher. A list of choices will come up and you need to click on this week’s date. This site gives practice tests and choices of games to play.