• Mrs Trevino’s Classroom Rules and Procedures
    Behavior Plan:
    We work as a group to promote good leadership and learning. Every classroom has students with different academic capabilities. As their teachers, it our job to make sure that every child is learning in a safe, calm, and consistent environment.  During our first week of school, we will create our classroom expectations that include respect, safety, kindness and fun. We will learn the 7 Habits of leadership qualities and develop these skills to prepare students for the future.
    Undesirable behavior and students that interfere with learning of others will:
    Receive a verbal reminder
    Receive a behavior form that allows them to reflect on their behavior in writing
    If the behavior continues the parent will be notified
    If not resolved, the student will be sent to the front office for further action.
    If your child is going to absent for a prolonged period of time please email me and I will get work together for them that they can work on from home.
    Bathroom Policy:
    Students should be using the restroom before school, during lunch, and during recess.
    Students will be allowed to use the restroom during independent work times as necessary. 
    Snacks and Drinks:
    We have a snack time every morning.
    Snacks should be healthy (no candy)
    Please send students with water bottles.
    Please no sodas or juice boxes for in the classroom.
    I will be checking desks to make sure they are clean and organized.
    Students are responsible for keeping their own desks neat.
    If students have toys or other distractions in their desks I will ask them to take them home. If this continues I will collect them.