• Student and Classroom Expectations

    I expect that all of the students will come to school willing to learn. I also expect that the children will be encouraging and respectful to one another.  I use a positive behavior program in my classroom.  I implement this program with my personal interactions with the students, role playing, modeling behavior, and through stories. Students are encouraged to be problem solvers and to be responsible for the choices they make.

    Should a child make a choice that is not conducive to learning, they will complete a reflection sheet. The reflection sheet will have several parts. First, your student will explain the choice they made. Next, they will determine how that choice made another person feel. Then, the student will describe a better choice they could've made. Finally, they will reflect on how they can right their wrong. This will help the students take responsibility for their choice,how to resolve the problem, and how to become productive citizens in our classroom. 

    If a student becomes a threat to harm others they will be referred to the office and you will be notified. 

    Thank you for your support to create the ideal learning environment for your child!

    Positive Behavior Program

    In 1st grade, we will be outstanding leaders by showing honesty, respect, and responsibility.  

    Be Honest:
    *Tell  the truth
    Be Respectful:
    *Be kind to others
    *Listen attentively when others are speaking
    *Remember to raise my hand
    *Keep hands, feet, and objects to myself
    *Exercise self-control
    *Avoid unnecessary/excessive talking
    Be Responsible:
    *Follow teacher directions the first time
    *Work quietly and stay on task
    *Complete classwork and homework
    *Participate and put forth my best effort
    *Use the bathroom appropriately
    *Follow playground safety rules
    *Follow cafeteria rules/procedures
    *Follow rules/procedures in special area classes (Music, Art, P.E., Library, Computers)
    Classroom Procedures:
       *Verbal reminders to make better choices
       *"Take a Break" Reflection Time- Time to reflect on the choices being made (picture/written reflection).
       *"Take a Break" in another classroom to complete work/refocus
Last Modified on May 14, 2020