• Important Preschool Information

    First Day of School Your child will begin their first day of preschool. You are probably excited and somewhat nervous for this big event! Your child may feel the same way. There are going to be many new things for you and your child to experience – a new teacher, new children, new school, and new experiences in the classroom. I want to do everything I can to make your child’s first day of school as pleasant and fun as possible. This information packet is designed to fill you in on specifics.

    Before the program starts, you may want to read your child a few books with a starting school theme. These stories can help your child get in touch with his/her feelings about going to a new place and separating from you. Reading also gives your child an opportunity to talk about these feelings or ask you questions about what to expect. It is also a good idea to go over the attached daily schedule with your child and talk about some of the things he/she will be doing in class.

    Every child will be signed in and out by an adult that is listed on the emergency card or otherwise specified on a written notice. Your child may cry on their first day, and even the second or third day. This is normal, and we are used to this. We are comfortable with you leaving, even when they are crying. In past experiences, the sooner you leave the sooner your child will engage in the activities of the school day.

    Attendance: If your child will not be at school, I would appreciate it if you let me know. You may reach me through email at jennifer.ziegler@husd.org . It is not necessary to notify the front office about your child’s absence if you have contacted me.

    Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures Parent drop off and pick up will be at the classroom door, room 116. You will sign your child in and out daily. Please do not open the classroom door. We will open it when we are ready to receive and dismiss your child. The children will enter the classroom, hang up their backpack and wash their hands and get ready for the day. Please do not enter the classroom with your child. We want them to be independent and be able to do this on their own. I know in the beginning there may be tears and sometimes they may need assistance to come in. This is normal and we are used to this. It is easier if you just leave quickly when this happens. Your child will calm faster and recover. I can assure you they are in good hands and will have a great day.
    If your child takes the bus to and from school, they will be met by our staff at the school. Once the bus arrives, our staff will help the children off the bus and escort them to the classroom. At the end of class, your child will be escorted back to their bus and helped on. You will be notified by the transportation department on your scheduled pick up and drop off times a day or two before school begins.

    Late Pick-up AM Class times are 8:40 AM. to 11:10 AM PM Class times 11:25 AM. -1:55 PM Please make sure you pick your child up on time. They get scared when you are late and think they are forgotten. I know emergencies happen, so please call the office and let me know if you will be late so arrangements can be made for your child. We have a quick turnaround between classes and must sanitize and get set up for the next class. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

    Extra Clothing Because children learn best by doing, sometimes we get messy. Please bring an extra pair of short/pants (depending on the season), T-shirt, socks and underwear in a gallon Ziploc baggie labeled with your child’s name. This baggie will be left in your child’s backpack. Please do not take it out unless you are washing it or switching it out for something else. If we need a replacement set, we will bring it to your attention.

    Communication You will receive a monthly newsletter via email. It will also be posted outside the classroom. The newsletter will have all the vital information about the month’s theme and classroom activities. In addition, I will send a brief email with any important updates, classroom requests and overall communication about what we are doing in STARS. Please make a habit to check this every week. I will also have a closed Facebook page for our class.

    Dress Code Each child needs to be dressed according to the dress code set forth by the Higley Unified School District. Every day your child will be engaged in outdoor activities and gross motor development skills that require running, jumping and quick movements please send them in shoes they are comfortable wearing while participating in these activities. Please no flip flops. Our primary goal is to keep our students safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
    **No Light Up shoes or flip flops***

    Snack Schedule, Water Bottles, and Birthdays We will share snack together each day. Near the end of each month I will email a sign up for parents to sign up for two or three days to provide snack for the class. If all days are not covered, I will ask for more volunteers. Please send enough snacks for all the children in the class. Watch the snack calendar for these details with class size. Send a water bottle with your child each day. Make sure it is labeled with their name. You may send in a birthday treat for your child’s birthday. Items must be store bought – not homemade (school district policy). Thank you for helping keep our students safe.

    Early Childhood Center Webpage Access calendars, upcoming events, and teacher webpage’s at http://husd.org/Domain/1846

    PTO Please “like” Higley Early Childhood Development Centers PTO to get updates on PTO events and news. Be on the lookout for the PTO board in the front office.

    **Caution** In preschool we learn by doing. Our learning is frequently messy! Please dress your child to explore, paint, color, crawl, jump, and learn! We try to help with art smocks, but they don’t always work!

    I am looking forward to an amazing year!

    I am looking forward to an amazing year!
    Warm Wishes,
    Ms. Jen