• All athletes are required to be educated in the area of concussions. Brainbook has been developed to educate athletes and help them take the best care of themselves and their teammates. It's better to miss one game than the whole season. Students need to know what to look for and what can happen with head injuries.

    Students will click on the link below and "Register as a Student".  After registering as a "Higley High School Freshman" (there is no option for SMS), students then will proceed to navigate through various concussion related material to learn.  The end of the online class consists of a test that students need to receive a 70 or higher.  Once the course is completed a certificate of completion needs to be uploaded into the Register My Athlete website for approval. 

    Parents should share the course experience with their student since it deals with an important health and safety topic.

    Concussion Course for Students


    Concussion Course Tutorial


    * Only uploaded quiz results that show student name and score from the AIAAcademy will meet the concussion requirement.

    In addition to ensuring students are knowledgeable of athletic safety, the Higley Unified School District requires athletic participants to carry health insurance during an active season.  A variety of policies are accessible through our district partner, Myer-Stevens, and available for purchase online or in person at Sossaman Middle School. Please note that part of the athletic clearance process requires documentation of insurance as student safety remains a priority on our campus.