• Surviving Middle School
    At first, Sossaman MS may seem like a mysterious place full of strangers and surprises. Here are some of the most common challenges you'll be facing:
    More Work!
    Teachers in middle school often view their students as young adults. This means that your assignments and tests will be more challenging. In addition to your nightly dose of homework, you may also have papers and exams for the first time. The workload may seem overwhelming, but your teachers will most likely understand that you and your classmates are making an adjustment. If you feel that they don't understand this and you're having trouble with the amount of work expected of you, make sure you bring it up with your teacher, a parent or school counselor.

    The A-B-C's
    Back in elementary school, your teachers may have graded you with marks like "check plus," "excellent," or a number scale. Now that you're in middle school, you'll be graded with the letter system: A, B, C, D, or F. This system may feel more competitive, and you might find yourself and your classmates comparing grades. Remember that your grades are your own business, and if sharing them makes it seem like you're in some kind of contest with other students, or generally makes you feel bad about how you're doing, keep them to yourself. Also, remember to talk to your teacher, parent, or school counselor if you have questions about your grade.

    On Schedule
    A different class, in a different room, every hour? Different classes on different days? Yikes! No doubt about it: the middle school "class schedule" can seem pretty hairy at first. You'll probably have it down in no time, but new buildings and new routines are confusing for everyone. If you have trouble finding something, or keeping track of where you have to be, speak up! Your teachers, counselor, and other school staff are there to help.

    Bye Bye Recess
    In elementary school, recess was probably your favorite part of the day, right? So how will you survive without it? You will have a lunch period to eat and relax with friends.

    Here's one of the best parts about middle school: the chance to get involved in after-school sports, clubs, and activities. From flag football, basketball to cheerleading, from drama club to school yearbook, these "extra-curriculars" are a great way to make friends, explore new interests, and, of course, have lots of fun.


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