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  • Support HUSD and receive up to a $400 AZ Tax Credit. Your tax dollar donations fund extra-curricular activities and opportunities for students. If you wish to make a donation, please see our Tax Credit page for more information.


  • Parents and Students- please go to About SMS, then click  School Closures.  We will do our best to provide updated information, as well as teacher availablity on Canvas. Announcments are there too!!


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  • School Closure Office Hours

    Due to statewide school closures, all school offices will be closed through the remainder of the school year. 

    Kids Club Childcare can be reached at 480.279.7055.

    If you are new to Higley Unified School District and wish to register your child, you may complete the online registration process at

    Please note: Enrolling families will be contacted on a business day within 48 hours of the school offices reopening.

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  • 2020-2021 Athletic Physicals

    Have a student interested in participating in Sossaman athletics for the upcoming school year? 

    Higley Unified School District has partnered with Phoenix Children's Hospital to offer athletic physicals for the minimal cost of $25.  Additionally, 100% of the proceeds are then returned to each respective site. 

    Mark your calendars as physicals will be available on Saturday, May 2nd from 9am until 12pm at the PCH Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, 3370 S. Mercy Rd., Suite #112, Gilbert.  PCH Flyer

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  • Registration is now open for summer school

    Summer school will be available for credit recovery or acceleration (P.E.) in June 2020. Credit recovery courses are available for incoming sophomores through seniors. The P.E. course is open to incoming freshmen through seniors. Students wishing to take a high school course must meet with their current counselor prior to registering.

    The District will also offering Math Boost courses for incoming 7th and 9th grade students. The courses are for students who are looking for extra support in middle school math and Algebra I before next school year.

    For more information on summer school, visit

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  • Higley online registration process

    Higley Unified School District is launching a new online registration process. This system allows families to complete all registration and/or open enrollment forms and add photographed or scanned documentation (including proof of residency and birth certificates). Users can save the document in process, step away, and return when they have gathered everything that is needed.

    The system is now accepting current year registrations, as well as 2020/2021 registration. Click here to get started. Families will be prompted to use a ParentVUE log-in or create a new ParentVUE account.

    Families will be contacted on a business day within 48 hours. A list of frequently asked can be found here. If you have further questions, please contact your school.

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  • Open enrollment forms available             

    Families that wish to open enroll their student/s into a campus other than their neighborhood school may submit an open enrollment application for the 2020-2021 school year. Applications can be downloaded from the Higley website and submitted to the campus of choice. Space may be limited.

    Families currently open enrolled on a campus do not need to submit an application if they plan to stay at that site.

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  • ParentVUE Update

    ParentVue is the HUSD portal to student grades and attendance history. Higley’s 6th grade, middle school and high school parents use ParentVue for course request approvals for the upcoming school year.

    The Higley District is adding new features to the system. Beginning in January 2020, ParentVue can be used to submit new student registration forms and submit open enrollment forms. Families will use ParentVue in Spring 2020 to complete re-enrollment forms.

    Families that have not activated their ParentVue accounts, but have an e-mail on file with the district, will soon receive an e-mail from ParentVue inviting them to activate their ParentVue accounts. Directions will be provided in the email to access to this communication tool.

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  • Video Series - ALEKS

    One of the many goals of Sossaman Middle School is to make our campus feel warm and welcoming. We take pride in making our entryways inviting and aim to run an efficient front office. We create brochures, update websites and calendars, and send weekly detailed newsletters. We encourage special events and good-news phone calls to make our campus both comfortable and comforting. And because there isn’t enough nice in this world, Administration recognizes that attitude, more than anything else can aid in the success of a campus – and that begins at the top.

    An area Sossaman recognizes as an area of growth is proving a smooth transition to families both current and newly enrolled long after the start of the academic year. Our campus has the wonderful opportunity and tremendous responsibility to harmonize and develop an environment that continues to support the academic and social well-being of your child. A smile, a Thank You or How may I help you? coupled with a commitment to serve others reflects the true core values of our campus much more than a sign or vision statement can.

    Over the next few months, we will continue to work consciously to brighten our school ---emotionally and communicatively. Among one of the concrete things that will help aide in student success, is the publishing of videos that are intended to provide support to parents and students alike, outlining resources utilized on the campus of Sossaman Middle School. Understanding our first is long-overdue, we encourage you to review and familiarize yourself with our first installment defining our use of ALEKS. Additionally, we have provided an outline of our Peer Tutoring services offered at Sossaman.

    While our Peer Tutoring has proven successful these past few weeks, we do feel it necessary to expand upon our academic support services. Yes, peer tutoring involves helping each other learn and grow. Advantages of peer support includes gaining academic achievement and stronger peer relationships. On the flip side, tutoring can cause loss of academic instruction from the elective class he/she is being pulled from. Peer tutoring should supplement, not replace, quality classroom instruction. This is utilized through re-teaching a concept and providing an alternative learning style. This “band-aide” per se is solely an intervention tactic. It is not intended to place struggling students farther behind in additional courses of missed instruction. Our goal is to balance peer tutoring while alleviating stress caused from lack of understanding, therefore; we will only remove your child occasionally to offer support and we are hopeful students do not become dependent on the offering. We are however, committed to seeking additional means to alleviate the bandage and contribute to the booster for their academic journey. Bottom line, please continue to encourage your child to consistently reach out to an instructor if they are struggling with a particular subject. Yes, we can pull for peer tutoring services occasionally, but cannot in good gesture risk placing your child in jeopardy of needing further support due to missed instruction.

    Our end goal and philosophy is to help make Sossaman Middle School become the heart of the community and we are working hard to achieve that. 

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  • 2019-2020 Yearbooks

    Yearbooks now available for purchase! In an effort to be considerate of costs, students interested in purchasing a 2019-2020 yearbook are encouraged to visit the following site to place their order. Current cost for a yearbook is $25 with price increases taking place in September and December. Please visit Yearbook Orders with school id 13905820.


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  • Canvas

    A step by step tutorial has been provided as a means to support your student's academic journey.  SMS Canvas Student or SMS Canvas Observer.  A reminder: currently Canvas does not sync with our Student Information Database; therefore the only accurate grades reflect in ParentVue/StudentVue. We ask that you recognize the importance of viewing ParentVue on a regular basis, as you will find the most-up-to-date grades.


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  • Athletic Schedule

    Access all Sossaman athletic schedules for the 2019-2020 year here.  Please note locations and dates are subject to change.


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  • Spartan Gear

    Create a unique look by representing Sossaman Middle School with your own personalized t-shirt, hoodies, bags, and more.  Please visit Sossaman Spirit Gear to place your order.


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    Should an emergency situation arise that impacts the school day please visit the school's website where a parent notification will be displayed to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

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