•  If you are going to be withdrawing your student from Williams Field High School the following MUST be completed before the process can begin:


    • Student Computers MUST be turned in prior to the withdrawal
    • All Fees need to be paid, textbooks and library books turned in – Please contact the Bookstore Manager at 480.279.8024 or Tricia.meloy@husd.org for a list of what your student owes
    • All Athletic equipment and fees need to be turned in – Please contact the Athletic Secretary at 480.279.8018

    Once you have been cleared with the above departments then the withdrawal process can start. The withdrawal form is not online.  Please e-mail Theresa.dunagan@husd.org to proceed. 

    Please give as much notice as you can so transfer grades, transcripts, and students records can be obtained.

    Don’t forget to pick up your medication - Please contact the school nurse 480.279.8015.

    For lunch money re-imbursements or questions - Please go to the HUSD website.  Under Departments is the link for Food Services.  Click Account Information and the refund request is there.