• Higley Unified School District (HUSD) is an open enrollment district. If a student resides out of the boundaries of a school, or out of the boundaries of the school district, an open enrollment application must be completed. Forms may be obtained at any school in the district or may be downloaded below.
    Parents/guardians can submit an application to the school of which the student seeks to enroll. Consideration for acceptance of an open enrollment application is based on: The physical capacity of the school building and classrooms;
    • Availability of staff (i.e. administrators, teachers, other certificated employees , related service providers);
    • Capacity in relevant special programs; and
    • Availability of other resources.
    You will need the following items along with the Open Enrollment form:
    1. Current Attendance
    2. Current grades (8th grader)
    3. Current grades and transcript (high school student)
    4. Any Discipline report or letter documenting no discipline
    5. Current IEP or 504 (if applicable)
    The Open Enrollment documentation may be emailed. Please contact Mrs. Goemans at angela.goemans@husd.org for any other questions.